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Shopping in Como can be a very rewarding experience, with all the flea market type stores that are open all day Saturday, or on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Here you can buy a multitude of things such as incenses, jewels, clothes, toys, etc. Haggling isn't really a routine practice, but you might be able to get a reduction, especially from the African sellers who tend to be chattier.

Please do take care of your personal belongings, as pickpockets and thieves may take advantage of any carelessness. Other items that you should consider at the local shops are personalized clothing, flowers and books which seem to be quite popular.

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Como Restaurants

Crotto Del Lupo - This restaurant, which sits on top of the mountain overlooking Lake Como, specializes in food from the Valtellina area of Italy. It's a real favorite among locals due to the delicious food that is served. Although it can be quite hard to find and you will need a car to get there, it's worth it. (Via Pisani Dossi 17) (Tel: 031-570881)

Caffe' Nova Comum In his book 'Italian Neighbors' Tim Parks say that when in Italy you should pick a bar and frequent it religiously. There must be many people that followed his advice, as some of the locals that come here are almost like décor already. In the mornings sit as long as you like in the padded booths, but come evening the bar becomes a place for young stylish Italians and gets very busy. (Piazza Duomo 2) (Tel: 031-260483)

Piadineria La Caveja This small little café seems like every other small little café in Italy. But according to visitors, Piadineria La Caveja has the best piadine sandwiches in the whole of Como, and also the cheapest. The two in particular that are recommended are either the vegetarian piadina or the turkey (tacchino) piadina. (Largo Leopoldi 12) (Tel: 031-3372143)

Fenice If you have had enough of the local Italian food try heading over to Fenice. Fenice is a small but stunning and cheap Chinese takeaway store. It always offers high quality & fresh food. (Via Milano, 162)

Como Bars & Clubs

Lido di Lenno About half an hour's drive north of Como is this beach restaurant and bar, but on Friday and Saturday nights it turns into a pumping nightclub. The dance floor is covered and has it's own bar, but there are gazebos on the beach with seats and candles, and people often dance on the beach. Highly recommend at least when the sky is clear. (Via Comoedia 1, Lenno) (Tel: 034-457093)

Milonga Pub Milonga Pub is the place to go if you're looking for a night out with good live music. This restaurant and bar has live music, which is usually of the rock or jazz genres, almost every night. As far as dress code goes it's a laid-back place, so wear whatever you want. (Via Oltrecolle 23) (Tel: 031-280052)

Tartaruga This disco pub has the strangest logo I have ever seen, it's a green tortoise with a red tomato for a head. But all strangeness aside Tartaruga is another great live music venue, where the closing time is only 3am. So late night partying in Villa Guardia, a little town near Como, is very happening. (Via Belvedere 12) (Tel: 031-483290)

Cinemas If you are in the mood for a good international blockbuster or maybe even something a little more local, try going to anyone of the 4 local cinemas in Como. (Cinema Astoria - Via XX Settembre, 5 031262170) (Cinema Astra - Via G.Cesare, 3 031261234) (Cinema Gloria - Via Varesina, 72 031523995) (Cinema Politeama - viale Cavallotti, 1 031273000)

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