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Campania Travel Guide

Campania Local History

This region was colonized by the Greeks in 750BC and centred around Naples. It gradually spread out to the coast

After the legalization of the Christian religion in 350AD, the area underwent many changes, with many churches and monastries being built, between 763 and 1139

The region was a cultural centre and an important trade centre with the East

Ruled over by the Spanish, French, Austrians and at a later stage, under the Kingdom of Savoy, the region at last fell under the Italian republic in the 1940's. Agriculture is one of the most important sources of production and it is one of the largest producers in Italy of most vegetables and fruit.

Campania Attractions

Top Attractions

Naples - Back in the 18th and 19th Centuries, no self-respecting North European aristocrat would dream of leaving Italy, without spending a month in Naples. After 1870, the city fell into ruin and it was considered dangerous and depressing. Once the third largest city on the Continent, it was extensively restored in the 1990's and it is one of the most interesting locations in Italy. The city offers Baroque churches, a world-class Royal palace, two massive fortresses, superb museums, but its number one attraction, is the streets, shops, breathtaking bay and the great people.

Isle of Capri - Visit the world-famous Blue Grotto, one of the great natural wonders of the world.Visit the town of Capri and the famous square of La Piazzetta, almost completely surrounded by white-washed houses. Enjoy walking along the narrow streets leading off from the square, filled with flowering terraces and elegant little shops. Enjoy the view of the Bay of Naples and witness the view that has made Capri a legend: the Faraglioni, two large free-standing cliffs, jutting straight out of the water.

Pompeii - This whole area was buried under ash in 79AD from Mount Vesuvius, which is still considered one of the world's most active volcanoes. Visit the world's most fascinating ruins of Pompeii and see the slopes of the volcano, now a lush garden of Eden with citrus groves and vast vineyards. Climb to the summit of Vesuvius and enjoy the best views of the Bay of Naples.

Matese Park The Park of Matese encloses 20 commones of the province of Caserta and Benevento, their history and cultures told trough the historical and artistic testimonies; it proposes cultural, religious and gastronomic routes, same already you notice, other unavailable with an expert guide, the churches, the castle, the unpolluted nature, the golden eagle; and then free climbing, spelean-tourism, hang-glider, simulated war.
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Campania Parks & Gardens

The Botanical Gardens - Founded by order of Joseph Bonaparte in 1807, it is today one of the most important botanical gardens in Italy, both for its size and abdundance and quality of species. The collection of plants, from all over the world are displayed in a reproduction of the plants habitat, making the gardens one of the most advanced in Europe. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and view the plants in pots, outdoors and in greenhouses.

The Astroni Park - Situated in the crater of an extinct volcano, which is a beautiful specimen of the elliptical crater and is covered with holm-oaks, chestnuts, oaks, elms and poplars, while the luxuriant vegetation makes a walk through the park, both pleasant and interesting.

Campania Restaurants and Bars

Campania Restaurants

Bersagliera - Borgo Marinari 10-11, Naples. Enjoy traditional Italian dishes of pizza, pasta and the best of Italian wines, where prices start from about 80 000 lire.

Calamaro - Viale - Campi Flegrei 30/9, Naples. The best of Italian tradition in cuisine and drink from this traditional Italian restaurant in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, where prices start from 50 000 lire.

Sacrestia - Via Orazio 116, Naples. All credit cards are accepted at this traditional Italian restaurant, with its two star Michelin rating. Prices start from about 120 000 lire.

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