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One of the local products that are only found here are the "Perugia towels." Featured in many art works from the late 13th Century onwards, the beautiful woven table linens, commonly known as "Perugia towels" are still woven today. The towels are made from a traditional combination of cotton and linen woven together, with brocaded borders in contrasting colours, in indigo or woad-dyed cotton.

The vast majority are woven in six-harness diamond twills. Other local products which can be bought around here, besides the towels, are mushrooms, truffles, extra virgin olive oil and wines.

Assisi Parks & Gardens

Park of Mount Subasia - It is formed by the mountain system that dominates the Valle Umbra from its 1290m in height. The entire historical centre of Assisi lies in the park. The fauna is rather poor and up until the 1890's, there were royal eagles and quails. Now animals, such as, the squirrel, wild cat, wood pigeon, jay, hedgehog, fox, badger, homed owl and the goshawk live in the park. You can either walk or go by horse to the summit of the mountain.

Park of Colfiorito - The tableland is formed by 7 valleys which were the grounds of ancient lake basins, the most significant, being the Palude di Colfiorito. It has a dense aquatic vegetation and is excellent for aquatic bird watching. The grounds of the tablelands are used for wheat and fodder and the dairies transform the locally-produced milk into various cheeses. There are also ruins of Roman settlements and also 250 inhumantion tombs with ceramics, iron arms and decorative objects, some dating back to the 10th Century.

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Assisi Restaurants

Dal Moro Gallery Restaurant - S. Maria degli Angeli, Via Santarelli. Situated in the centre of town, this elegant, refined restaurant has a variety of small diningrooms on different levels as well as a terraced restaurant. Dinners are based on a selection of, amongst others, cheeses, vegetables, seafood, goose, game and black and white truffles, all accompanied by local wines.

Aladino - Via delle Prome 11. This traditional, Italian restaurant offers simple, yet delicious eating in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Prices are around 40 - 65 000 lire.

Cesarino - Piazza IV Novembre 4/5. This traditional, Italian restaurant has a one-star rating from Michelin and its prices start from around 60 000 lire.

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