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Aprica Travel Guide

Aprica Ski Resort

  • Nearest town: Sondrio
  • Resort Altitude (metres): 1200m
  • Ski Season: November - April
  • Mountain Range: Lombard Alps
  • Number of Lifts: 24
  • Highest Lift (metres): 2309m
  • Lowest Lift (metres): 1181m
  • Number of Slopes: 16
  • Snowboarding: yes: park
  • Cross Country (km): 13km

Aprica Ski Information

General information

There are a number of attractions near Aprica in the villages of Livigno and Bormio. The Museo Mineralogico e Naturalistico is a good place to start, it has many exhibits that depict the history of the region. There are also many churches worth visiting, including Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, built in 1356; Church of San Vitale, which dates back to 1196; and the Madonna della Pace church, which dates back to WWI. For the more adventurous there are many walking trails that allow you to discover the beautiful surrounding landscape.

  • Languages: Croatian Italian French German Serbian
  • Temperatures: 7.5°C
  • Driving: Drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Emergency contact numbers: Police: 112
    All Emergencies: 113
    Fire: 115
    Ambulance: 118
  • Population: 1583
  • Religion: 84% Roman Catholic 6% Jewish 5% Muslim 5% Protestant


The nightlife in Aprica is quite limited, with only a few bars and nightclubs offering a fun night out after a day's skiing. There are a number of shops that sell a wide range of goods, and have equipment available for hire The resort also has a number of excellent restaurants, which serve a wide range of traditional and Italian cuisine. Other activities on offer include a sports centre; a swimming pool; an ice rink; and paragliding.


Aprica is a small traditional Alpine village in Lombardy, south of Livigno and Bormio. The skiing is a bit limited, and most of the runs are best suited for beginners and intermediates. Experts will struggle to find some challenging runs, although there are some off-pistes. Aprica is not linked to any other resorts in the region. The Apres SKi scene is a bit quiet, with a limited nightlife and a few non-ski activities on offer. Aprica's main attractions are the short transfers and great beginner terrrain.

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