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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

Amalfi Coast Local History

Roman aristocracy built villas on the valley at the coast during the 1st Century AD and it was here, that centres of humanity were created. Thanks to the sailors, the Amalfi Coast was well known and its name appeared in an official letter from the Pope in 596 when trade was mentioned. It was also the only place that the Arabs could trade exports

Some research has found a wall structure on the seaside of Amalfi which is now underwater and was part of the old docking system in Amalfi from the 12th Century. With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the freed slaves built the first village around here and slowly these villages grew until today, where the Amalfi Coast has a mixture of history and natural beauty to attract the visitor.

Amalfi Coast Attractions

Amalfi Coast Parks & Gardens

Natural Reserve of the Ferriere - Situated in the north of the Amalfi Coast and created in 1972, the reserve has an area of 455 hectares, including the Canneto river. It is protected by the cold winter wind and has a high level of humidity, which is important for some rare plants, like the pre-glacial giant fern. The area is also home to a forest of beeches, ilexes, pines and limes as well as the bodgerm fox, salamander and birds, such as the red woodpecker and kestrel.

Punta Campanella - One of the many marine reserves in Italy, this covers about 1128 hectares and not only protects many sea creatures and fish, but many other forms of marine life as well. It is run and looked after by a local organisation, which also organises educationals, to showcase the importance of the preservation of this and other reserves.

Amalfi Coast Restaurants and Bars

Amalfi Coast Restaurants

Don Alfonso 1890 - 11 Piazza Sant 'Agata sui due Golfi. Noted for its beautiful azure diningroom, picturesque Mediterranean garden and the ancient Roman tunnels, that house the wine cellar. The freshest local ingredients are used in traditional cooking, although there are some surprises with garlic and tomatoes used sparingly and eggplant and chocolate served together.

Bruno (il Caino) - Riviera di Chiaia 162. - This traditional Italian restaurant is a one-star Michelin restaurant and its traditional dishes start from about 60 000 lire.

Casa Basca - Via Rocco Galdieri 6 . All credit cards are accepted at this one-star Michelin traditional Italian restaurant, with dishes around 70 000 lire.

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