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Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest Local History

The Romans occupied Budapest in the 5th century, when the Huns took over. Buda and Pest were 2 villages until the 12th century and was occupied mainly by merchants.
Mongols burned these two villages down in 1241, which was the first of many destructive attacks.
The Turks took control, then the Habsburgs in the 17th century

There was a revolution in the eighteen hundreds, and with that and World War II and an uprising in 1956, Budapest was destroyed and rebuilt many times.

Budapest Attractions

Top Attractions

Castle Hill - In Buda, the walled castle, originally built in the 13th century, is now divided into 2 parts being the Old Town and the Royal Palace. Walking along Castle Hill which is a 1 km hill above the River Danube, you will find both medieval monuments and some very interesting museums. Below you is a network of 28 caves which were formed by the hot water springs.

Basilica of St Stephen - Szent Istvan-bazilika, Pest - although a bit gloomy inside, you can walk to the top of the dome where you will find the most magificent view of the city. In addition, another interesting thing to look at while you are here, is the mummified right hand of King Stephen I, referred to as the Holy Right.

Thermal Baths - there are an abundance of thermal baths and mineral springs in Budapest, some of which date back to Turkish occupation. The times and days can vary for men and women, so it would be a good idea to find out this info up front. To mention a few in the city, with telephone numbers - Gellert - Tel 466 6166, Kiraly - Tel 202 3688 or 201 4392, Lukacs - Tel 326 1695, Rac - Tel 356 1322 or 356 1010, Rudas - Tel 375 8373, Szechenyi - Tel 321 0310 and Thermal - Tel 329 2300.

Buda Hills - getting there is an adventure in itself. Opposite the Budapest Hotel is the Cog Railway which takes you up 3.5 km to Szechenyi-hegy (a pretty residential area). From there you catch the Children's Railway which is run by children only. 12 km further, and you arrive at Huvos-volgy (Chilly Valley). From there, there are numerous walks in all directions. On the way down, stopping at Janos-hegy (4th stop) is a good call as there is a stunning view of the city from a lookout tower. From here you can also catch a chair lift down.

Mokka Café & Restaurant. The renewed Mokka Café & Restaurant in the neighbourhood of the Basilica is with its ethno - eclectie inner architecture one of the fashionable dinner - places of our days... Its excellent kithen follows the trend of the folkloristic cuisine of the world. Thanks to its interior build-up and its atmosphere, the restaurant offers more than just a simple culinary experience. Mokka is much more a cradle for social life, intimate rendezvous and the cultivation of business contacts. The cuisine of the Mokka consciously avoids uniform intercontinental gastronomy. Our menu has been composed out of the folkloristic dishes of the world's cuisine. We strive to prepare our menu, which is renewed in every season, always from fresh ingredients. The numerous fruits, vegetables, meat, spices and many other arrive fresh from the market and the producers. When preparing the dishes, we use the aristocratic traditions, the reformative strivings and the structures of the 21st century. MOKKA CAFÉ & RESTAURANT Address: 1051 - Hungary Budapest, Sas u. 4. Open: 12.00 - 24.00 Reservation: 0036 1 328 0081 Fax: 0036 1 328 0082 e-mail:
submitted by Maria Holl, 20/06/06

Maclaen A nice hotel close to the nightlife and distance to the beach and general information
submitted by David, 25/04/06

Budapest Shopping

Belvaros (Inner Town) - is the centre of Budapest. North of Ferenciek tere are the expensive shops and boutiques - very touristy! To the south, it is mainly for pedestrians has all the trendy clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Great Market Hall - recently restored, now a wonderful covered market where you can find Hungarian dolls, painted eggs, tablecloths etc - well worth wondering through.

Folkart Centrum - V Vaci utca 14, Tel - 318 5840 - everything that is locally made can be found here.

Haas & Czjzek - VI Bajesy-Zsilinszky ut 23, Tel 311-4094 - for affordable porcelain

Budapest Activities

Varosliget (City Park) - large open space that is home to the City Zoo, Vidam Park - a fun fair which is 150 years old and the Grand Circus.

Budapest Parks & Gardens

Margret Island - a 2.5 km island in the middle of the Danube, between Buda and Pest, Margret Island is now a public park. You may choose to walk, cycle (bikes are for hire) or go the horse-drawn coach route around the island. On the island you will find the Centennial Monument, 2 swimming pools, the ruins of the Franciscan church and monsatery, the octagonal water tower, an open air theatre, the Japanese Gardens, the Musical Fountain and one of the most modern thermal spas which lies below the Margitsziget Thermal Hotel.

Budapest Beaches

Budapest Restaurants and Bars

Budapest Restaurants

The Aranyszarvas - Tel 375 6451 - I Szarvax ter 1 - serves mainly game dishes. In summer you can sit out on the terrance at the foot of Castle Hill.

Szep Ilona - In the Buda Hills, Il Budakeszi ut 1 - 3 - Tel 275 1391 - serves local Hungarian dishes at very reasonable prices.

Fatal (meaning the wooden platter) - V Vaci utca 67, Tel 266 2607 - serves huge meals on wooden platters or in iron caudrons. Rustic atmosphere and only open from 11.30 to 2 pm.

Muzeum - VIII Muzeum korut 12, Tel 338 4221 - just up the road from the National Museum, this cafe/restaurant serves excellent, modern Hungarian meals. The fish and duck would be a particularly good choice.

Budapest Bars & Clubs

Oscar's Cafe & Pub - I Ostrom utca 12, Tel 212 8017 - has a movie set atmosphere and is open from 5pm until 2 am, and 4am on the weekends.

Portside - VII Dohany utca 7, Tel 351 8405 is for the young and energetic and stays open until the early hours of the morning.

Cactus Juice - VI Jokai ter 5, Tel 302 2116 - a quieter atmosphere where you can have a drink and a meal in peace.

Budapest children's activities

Varosliget (City Park) - large open space that is home to the City Zoo, Vidam Park - a fun fair which is 150 years old and the Grand Circus.

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