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Hungary Information

Population: 10045407

Time Zone: GMT + 1 in winter
GMT + 2 in summer

Driving side: Drivers drive on the right

Languages: Hungarian

Religion: Roman Catholic
Reformed Protestant

Emergency #: Police - 107
Fire - 105
Ambulance 1-111 1666 (English)

Hungary Local Customs

Hugarians are formal folk. A hand shake is customary even between close friends. This is a nation consumes a high volume of alcohol, so don't take on too many challenges from the locals. Tipping is customary from waiters to taxi drivers a

Hungary Culture

Wine and flowers are good gifts when visiting a home. Discussions of money and flashing one's wealth around is viewed in bad taste.

Hungary Popular Destinations

Budapest - The capital of Hungary offers a facsinating history which is visable by visiting the many museums and a hilltop castle; relaxation with it's many spas and thermal baths as well as many walking tours of the city; and the excitement of a pulsating nightlife.

Danube Bend - This is the most beautiful stretch of the river and should not be missed. Beginning at Esztergom, this section of the river twists and curves past Visegrad where it splits in two. The entire area consists of peaks, resorts and small towns along the river. It passes Pilis Park Forest and the Borzsony Protected Area which is part of the Danubi-Ipoly National Park where the hills, forges and trails have much to offer.

Lake Balaton - 78 kms long and 15 kms wide is referred to as Hungary's inland sea. Swimming, boating (the non-motor variety) and fishing are very popular and contribute to a traquil setting. There are frequent ferry services from botht he northern and southern sides of the lake. The lake is surrounding by some very interesting towns, so the entire area is worth exploring.

Moving Around Hungary

Volanbusz is the bus network which is fairly efficient. The areas around Danube Bend and Lake Balaton are best reached by bus. Also, buses are better for venturing off into the countryside.

Trains are slightly cheaper, are reliable and comfortable.

National festival and holidays

Budapest Spring Festival - March
Balaton Festival in Keszthely - May
World Music Festival in Budapest - June
Winged Dragon International Street Theatre Festival in Nyirbator - July

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