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Thassos Travel Guide

Thassos Local History

An interesting history here as it's position so close to the mainland and store of precious metals made Thassos a target of many marauders. The Phoenicians started it and finally under Greek rule in 1912.

Thassos Attractions

Top Attractions

Ancient Site Has no particular name, but is in the capital of Limenas just past the old port. Dating back to the 4th century BC, this is the site of the old city, which takes up a large area, and the readily available maps make for an interesting expedition.

Folklore Museum In Potamia 9km south of the capital rests a fascinating insight into the ancient history of the island. Look out for sculptures by local artist Vagis.

Hiking Thassos is known as the green island and in comparison to many other islands is thin on tourists. Pick up a map at the tourist office of the many hiking routes in the interior of the island and just enjoy nature.

Boomerang Bar Potos By day, cold beers snacks or cocktails right next to the town beach. (Complimentary sun loungers there too!) By night, loads of atmosphere and characters... The Tavern Irene restaurant (good menu and service) is right next door, then back for a final drink or five.... :)
submitted by Terry Gee, 18/08/09

Cafe Dolphin This is a fantastic cafe offering full English breakfast everyday as well as lunchtime snacks. Also they have evening specials every night including a wicked chicken curry. The English couple who own it are lovely and very friendly we went everyday for a breakfast and would often pop in in the afternoons for a couple of mythos!! Give it a go!
submitted by Claire, 31/10/07

Gliferoni Quaint taverna on the beach of Pachis/Rachoni. Traditonal Greek food and friendly service on one of the most beautiful beaches in Thassos.
submitted by Catherine, 18/09/07

Pool Of Sirens This absolutely amazing place can be reached from just before astris hotel. You have to be energetic to climb up the mountain and down the other side toreach it but the adventure is worth it. You must start out early as the route is not lite. Take a torch just incase.
submitted by Catherine, 18/09/07

Naysika Great cocktails and great hosts. You can choose your favourite song and meet interesting people. If you are staying in Potos you won’t and mustn’t miss this bar.
submitted by Dobrila, 28/08/07

Boomerang Bar It's the nuts. Angerlo, Sam, Adam & Steve rule
submitted by Luke Scriv, 03/08/06

Boomerang Bar The best bar I have ever been to on holiday! Amazing atmosphere, amazing people, the best cocktails! Anyone who visits Potos MUST go here!!
submitted by Charlotte Shepherd, 31/07/06

Zorbas Live Good food - Great fun with live music and dancing every night. Very friendly - would recommend it.
submitted by Diane and Bernard, 30/09/05

Playa de Oro Restaurant Thassos Golden Beach Best Restaurant we have been in our Holiday . Exellent Service exellent Food exellent wines...... !!! Just Try It.
submitted by Mrs. Sutherland, 23/07/05

Fillippi Restaurant The restaurant there is superb. It is run by a local greek family. We went there on 3 seperate nights out of the seven nights staying there. The food there is traditional Greek, but also with a mixture of English food if you so desire. There is always a cheerful smile and prompt service, simply fantastic. But there are many other eating places, all you have to do is take your pick. Go on go to Thassos go today, get that feeling, the Greek way.
submitted by Jayne Louise Nixon, 18/07/05

Playa de Oro Golden Beach Exellent Restaurant opposite the Camp site. The best food and fresh fish we have in our holidays, very nice and friendly service. We come again.
submitted by Gina, 13/07/05

Golden Beach It is a beautiful sandy bay which is one of the biggest on the thassos island. it is ideal for all types of people the water is shallow so its good for families, and it is also peaceful and relaxing for couples who want a nice long rest.
submitted by Jayne Louise Nixon, 26/05/05

Boomerang Bar The best bar by far on the island. Located in Potos run by 2 great aussie guys with a fantastic atmosphere and superb cocktails.
submitted by Vicky Riley, 14/05/05

Thassos Beaches

Skala Potamia On the western side lies this beautiful stretch of deep golden sands and crystal clear water. Ideal for families as the water is shallow, sand is fine and there are some cool tavernas around.

Paradiso Beach By the tiny village of Kinira, with only one taverna so maybe you should bring your own. Peaceful and isolated and surrounded by forested hills, a small offshore island and interesting coves to explore. You might meet Robinson Crusoe!

Alyki Located at the northern part of the island and a steep climb down from the car park, but expect to be handsomely rewarded for your efforts as this crescent shaped beach is in a spectacular setting of cliffs, wooded areas and Roman ruins.

Thassos Restaurants and Bars

Thassos Restaurants

Selinos Taverna By the ancient ruins lies this secluded and romantic venue. Take your time here and order homely Greek from the tempting menu, with the sound of the Bouziki softly in the background.

Vigli Just a few km south of the town you'll find Vigli on golden beach. With the blue sea in the foreground and mountains behind there can be no better setting for a romantic meal, Greek dancing or a theme night. Foods not bad either.

Simi Restaurant Head to the old port for this gem that specializes in the freshest seafood. It's popular so you might have to wait for a table, but that's a small price to pay for the good Greek food at acceptable prices.

Thassos Bars & Clubs

The Island Cafe On the beach at Limenas, this bar is popular especially early in the evening. Great to dance on a warm night kick off your shoes and feel the cool sand between your toes. One of life's pleasures!

XXL Club Nearby you won't have to hunt far for this lively late nightspot as the sounds throb. Good and friendly bar and theme nights make this a great party venue.

Rock Cave Bar Head to Limenaria for a night time experience as the waterfront comes alive in what seems like one long bar, try this one if you like your rock heavy, but not overwhelmingly loud, then try all the others

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