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Palace of the Grand Master Overlooking the town on the top of a hill stands this very ornate fort. It survived a long siege by the Ottoman army in 1522, but was destroyed in an accident in 1856 involving lightning and gunpowder (a wicked combination). Restoration started about 1900 and now boasts 300 rooms and many towers. Take a walk along the old city walls while you are here.

Archaeological Museum The former Hospital of the Knights is now an outstanding museum telling the history of the island from the earliest times, just outside the museum is The Avenue of the Knights which was the main road about 500 years ago.

Turkish Baths (Haman) Bring your towel here and enjoy your bath surrounded by 250 years of history. The sexes are separate and the men get the better area with its lofty dome and star shaped skylights.

Jewish Quarter The Shalom Synagogue still holds a Friday night service and there is a remnant of the once vibrant Jewish community of Rhodes. Originally made up from Spanish Jews fleeing the inquisition, then they had to flee the Nazis from here. Interesting architecture in the vicinity.

Valley of the Butterflies 7 kms inland from the village of Theologos you'll find this beautiful area even out of butterfly season. They are attracted to the resin in the trees in the area and flock here to spend their last days.

Winter in Rhodes Coming from a country with cold winters ourselves we know how to appreciate the special charms of winter time in Rhodes, with temperatures that allow you to enjoy outside life without getting cold or wet. If you have the time and the opportunity to skip the cold weather by leaving home during those miserable months, you should definitely consider the option of spending your time on Rhodes. Why? Because Rhodes has plenty to offer in winter time! Here we go: * Let’s start with the weather: Rhodes is situated on the same height as Africa and has an average of over 300 sunny days a year! Just compare Rhodes’ average temperatures with those of Great Britain in the schedule given underneath. * And what to think about the places that are very touristic during summer time? In winter you can take the opportunity to visit all the cultural and historical places of interest in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. * Or think about hiking or biking through the islands’ interesting and diverse nature area’s! In the warmth of summer not the first thing that pops up in your mind, but in the nice coolness of winter a perfect and healthy way to spend your time and stay in shape. For the real sports amongst us, even a jump into the sea might be considerable! * Rhodes in winter time gives you a good look at the real Greek life. With hardly any tourists around, it will be easy for you to mingle with the Greeks and to share in their relaxed way of living. Although many restaurants in the more touristic areas will be closed, the true Greek taverns will be open and most villages are very lively. In Rhodes town city life just goes on with its famous casino and many exquisite restaurants.
submitted by Claudia, 10/09/08

Aghati Beach On the way to Lindos, turn to Haraki and close to the village there is a left turn to Aghati Beach. The best sandy beach on Rhodes with crystal clear water, 150 m walking depth water. Perfect for families with small kids.
submitted by Claudia, 28/08/08

Prassonisi Surfers Paradise due the strong wind all year round, perfect for camping, kite & surf
submitted by Claudia, 28/08/08

Rhodes Beaches

Rhodes Town Beach Easy to find near the hotels and the Aquarium, this fine family beach is kept clean and has earned a blue flag (standard ratings for Europe's beaches). Crowded in the season.

Afandou Beach A better option if you want an emptier option and near the village of the same name. 7km of white stones and lovely Azure blue sea.

Tsampika Beach One of the nicest sandy beaches on the island is Tsampika situated near Lindos. Perfect family destination and outside July, August not too crowded.

Rhodes Restaurants and Bars

Rhodes Restaurants

Palia Istoria Mitropoleos 108, Located in the new city in the Ammos district, not cheap, but among the best on the island. Interesting menu of local delicacies. Try something different; the peppered testicles are usually nice unless the chef has made a balls up.

Yiannis Sokratous-platonos 41, They are not stingy here with the portions of very tasty Greek homely food. Not too bad prices make this a good option. Watch out for the bouzouki line dancing nights they can get rough.

Romeo Tavern Menekleous, 7 Lovely old fashioned Greek Restaurant specializing in seafood. With its greenery all over the outside, long history and matching interior, worthwhile just for the ambience. The food is fresh though and for those balmy evenings sit outside on the roof garden.

Rhodes Bars & Clubs

Chaplins Beach Bar On Ermou, by the beach at Faliraki. If you enjoy spending your nights with lager louts or maybe you always wear your football shirt, No1 haircut and an interesting selection of tattoos (get the idea) then Faliraki is the place for you. Anyway this great bar/disco was there before the invasion. Hectic nightlife in the whole town!

Club Caprice In Rhodes old town on Militadou is where this bar is located, medieval looking bar which unlike Cinderella, turns into a club at midnight. Guarantied a good time here and (unlike Faliraki) get to mix with the locals.

1960s Pub Located in the new town off Alex. Diakou and especially for the pensioners out there who remember that era. Fun and friendly olde English atmosphere where they even play some modern 70s stuff occasionally.

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