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Peloponnese Travel Guide

Peloponnese Attractions

Top Attractions

Ancient Corinth - the beautiful city of Corinth's major attraction is the canal that was built by a French engineering company in 1893. The canal is still a wonder to behold and a walk to the centre of the bridge on the old road is a must, just be careful of the wobbling! The other major attraction of the city is the Acropolis of Corinth which is the oldest fortress in the Peloponnese. The acropolis has a number of shrines and temples including the Temple of Aphrodite and the views are incredible.

Mystras - one of the best preserved Byzantine fortress cities Mystras is absolutely enchanting. Mystras was heavily enfluenced by the Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church of Constantinople which means that the site has a number of old icons and churches as well as a garden like convent. Mystras has two entrances, one at the top and one at the bottom so be prepared for a bit of a walk.

Epidavros - in ancient times Epidavros was a centre sacred to Asklepious who was the healer god. Epidavros used to attract sick people from all over the Mediterranean and was almost like a giant medi clinic where surgery was performed. The best preserved structure at the site is the 1400 seat ancient theatre that has unbelievable acoustics and still hosts various theatrical presentations on summer nights.

Mycenae - between 1600 to 1100 BC the Argolis Peninsula was ruled by the Mycenaens that built a huge city surrounded by enormous stone walls. The city was unfortunatley destroyed but the walls are still unbelievably impossing. Mycenae is entred through the famous Lions Gate and contains the lovely palace of Agamemmon.

Limnon Caverns - located in Kastria Village, the stunning 3 level cave has 13 tiers of passages, galleries and lakes which visitors can explore. The roof sometimes reaches up to 100 feet and has a myriad of stalagmites and stalactites. Excavations on one of the levels have unearthed human as well as animal fossils and is restricted to the public.

Hellenic Festival Epidaurus festival of drama and comedy in the big theatre and Musical July in the small theatre.
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Peloponnese Beaches

Gulf of Corinth - an extremely long streach of beach that is popular with Athenian weekenders. The beach is ideal for families as it is free from mass tourism and is very clean. There are not many facilities but you can get real Greek food and is less windy than the other side of the coast.

Zaga Beach - located in the lovely little port town of Koroni just outside of Kalamata is Zaga bech. The beach is quiet and is the perfect place to unwind. Zaga also has a wonderful castle. Just further down the coast is the fishing village of Finikounda which is one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece.

Akronaphlia - just past Akronaphlia is a lovely beach where you have to pay to get in but the fee is well worth it as there are a number of facilities such as changing rooms, a bar and watersports.

Peloponnese Restaurants and Bars

Like most Mediterranean countries, Greece's cuisine is a delicious mix of fresh fish, meat and vegetables cooked with large amounts of lemon, garlic and olive oil. Fresh seafood is a must to eat when visiting Peloponnese, so indulge in lobster, shrimp and octopus. In Kalamata try the world famous Kalamata olives and in Sparta look for Vardainiotika which is a local dish of chicken stuffed with cheese, olives and walnuts. In Mani try the ham and in Laconia try loukaniko Xoriatiko which is a village sausage.

Peloponnese Restaurants

Paradeisos Fish Restaurant - located in Stoupa Messiniani Mani, Stoupa 24100 Messini. Located on the charming beach of Stoupa, Paradeisos serves only the best and freshest fish, lobsters, shrimp and other seafood. Try the specialities of Lobster pasata, fish salad, roasted or fried shrimp and fresh cuttlefish.

Diethnes - located at Paleolagou 105, Sparta. Locals will tell you that this is one of the best restaurants in Sparta with its classic menu and tree shaded garden. Specialities include a mouthwatering fish dish made with garlic, parsley, wine, rusks and olive oil as well as Sfela which is a hard Kalamatian cheese served with a red sauce.

Kaloutas - located at Navarinou 98, Kalamata. This stunning waterfront restaurant has beautiful views and serves copious helpings of delicious Greek food. Try the lamb cooked in a light lemon sauce or have one of the large breakfasts consisting of eggs, croissants, orange juice and filter coffee.

Katofli - located at Salaminos 2A, Marina, Kalamata, Messinia. A cozy and intimate interior with a fireplace, stone walls and lots of wood, Katofli has fast service and excellent food at reasonable prices. Katofli serves traditional Greek Hellenic cuisine made with lots of olive oil.

Peloponnese Bars & Clubs

Paleo Lichnari - located at Bouboulinas 39, Nafplion. Situated along the eastern end of the waterfront, this restaurant and club presents live Greek and popular music every weekend the party usually gets starrted at around midnight.

Prive - located at Germanou 55, Patras. This popular nightclub plays a mixed bag of music and the dance floor gets pretty busy on the weekends.

Utopia Music Hall - located at Aylos Andreou 91, Patras. The music hall usually has a Greek Bouzoukia variety program that is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

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