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Heraklion Travel Guide

Heraklion Attractions

Heraklion Beaches

Matala Beach - The beach consists of a little cove which is enclosed by large bluffs of ancient earth in which the Romans dug large chambers featuring bunkbeds. The coves were used by the Cretans as summer homes and were also used by the Germans during WWII for storerooms. They were finally taken over by the hippies during the late 60's.

Visitors are able to explore the coves during the day, by means of a guided tour. The beach is a very popular relaxation choice for locals as well as tourists, with its wonderfully refreshing water - it tends to get a bit crowded during the peak season.

Heraklion Restaurants and Bars

Heraklion Restaurants

Kyriakos - The restaurant is situated on 53 Leoforos Demokratias and is known as one of the most stylish restaurants in Heraklion. The menu consisits of a large selection of traditional Greek cuisine, offering delicious dishes such as artichokes served with potatoes and lettuce and lamb fricassee, as well as aubergines stuffed with feta.

Loukoulos - Situated on 5 Korai street. The restuarant is located in the heart of the city and features a traditional Greek setting. The menu consists of a delicious selection of both Italian and Greek cuisine, which features a large number of tasty pasta dishes.

Ippocampus - The restaurant is situated on 3 Mitsotaki street and is a very popular dining spot with locals. Their specialties include tasty appetizers such as zucchini slices which are dipped in a delicious batter and deep-fried, as well as deliciously prepared fried squid.

Heraklion Bars & Clubs

Disco Athina - The club is situated on 9 Ikarou, right outside the wall. An old favourite which is frequented predominantly by the local youngsters. A good place to enjoy an evening of none-stop partying.

Veneto Bar - Situated on Epimenidou. This is one of Heraklion's newest nightspots and although it lacks the nostalgia of the older one's, it offers visitors a fresh experience of nightlife in the city. Veneto bar is a very popular choice with locals and therefor tends to get a bit crowded on the weekends.

Aposperides - This is a brilliant place for those who wish to indulge in an evening of traditional Cretan music and hours of dancing. This is a very popular entertainment spot with tourists.

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