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  • Hotel Tholos 31 Apollonos, Delphi 8.7/10 - 9 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 22 Rooms
  • Hotel Ganymede E. Vlami, Galaxidi 7.5/10 - 6 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 13 Rooms
  • Hotel Skamnos Kaloussa Nafpaktitou, Arachova 8.1/10 - 46 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 22 Rooms
  • Hotel Acropole 13 Filellinon, Delphi 8.0/10 - 81 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 44 Rooms
  • Hotel Zeus 10 D. Frangou, Delphi 4.5/10 - 4 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 34 Rooms
  • Hotel Aeolos Vassileos Pavlou & 23 Friderikis, Delphi 7.1/10 - 17 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 25 Rooms
  • Art Hotel Pythia 6 Pavlou & Friderikis, Delphi 7.3/10 - 7 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 27 Rooms
  • Hotel Kalafati 1 Gionas St.-Paralia, Itea 7.5/10 - 4 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 37 Rooms
  • Hotel Parnassos 32 Vassileos Pavlou & Friderikis, Delphi 7.1/10 - 35 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 24 Rooms
  • Hotel King Iniohos 78 Ossiou Louka, Delphi 5.1/10 - 19 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 60 Rooms
  • Hotel Amalia Apolonos, Delphi 8.0/10 - 90 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 185 Rooms
  • Hotel Santa Marina Arachova Arachova Voiotias, Arahova 6.9/10 - 23 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 43 Rooms
  • Hotel Lykoria 145 Delfon St., Arahova 6.3/10 - 9 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 22 Rooms

Delphi Travel Guide

Delphi Attractions

Top Attractions

Oracle of Delphi - Forget the ordinary run of the mill fortune tellers, this is the big mamma of them all. Battles over empires were lost or won depending on the whim of the priestess of the Oracle, a sacred site since before 1500BC. Pilgrims have flocked here from far and wide since 700BC . The Oracle was built on the site of the Temple of Apolla and ancient prophecies are still to be seen, etched into the stone base of the ruins of the Temple. The only voice of instruction that you will hear now is the whisper of the wind playing on your imagination.

Archaeology Museum - A treasure-trove of ancient relics, including the altar from the temple of Athena and the Charioteer of Delphi. Glittering gold and silver figurines; 7th century shields and other artifacts only discovered in 1939 are also display here.

Castalian Spring - This is where pilgrims would undergo a cleansing ritual before approaching the Oracle. The spring's ruins are situated 300m away from the Oracle site and a sip of the water is said to confer the gift of the gab - the ancient Greek version of the Irish Blarney Stone.

To Patriko Mas I think is the best tavern I've been in Greece. Great building made of rock in 1850. So clean and beautiful view. The food , is the first time I go to a greek restaurant that they have so great and home made food. Really really nice. I recommend it with all my heart!!!
submitted by Denise, 19/07/07

Delphi Restaurants and Bars

Delphi Restaurants

Taverna Elatos, Pavlou 65 - One of the good taverna's in the area, with great views: of nature and the cooks at work in the kitchen! The starters are good and are inexpensive, wash them down with some ouzo.

Taverna Omphalos, Apollonas 30 - This is known as the "belly- button" taverna. Delphi is said to be the centre of the earth according to Grecian legend. So this taverna is the belly- button's belly- button! Now that your attention has been focused on that part of the anatomy you may be feeling rather peckish so fill up the belly with some good entrees on the vine- shaded terrace and enjoy the mountain view whilst doing so.

O Terouiovrahos, Arahova - This taverna is a great stop for lunch during a day trip to nearby Arahova. They serve a good moussaka and prices are reasonable. Arahova is a beautiful village known for local delights such as Boeotian honey (unresinated red wine) and Greek moonshine (tsipouro) and breathtaking views over the valley.

Delphi Bars & Clubs

Katoi Club, Pavlou 65 - Enjoy a happy hour with the locals at this relaxed club. They have a large dancefloor you you can so strut your style without treading on too many toes! A great view of the gulf when you need to take a breather.

Delphi at Night, Pavlou 33 - This venue is popular with the young set and with tourists wanting to let it all hang out and party with the locals.

Splendid, Ipsilandon - An ultra trendy nightspot that can get rather busy; mix with the local "in" crowd and party till 3am.

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