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Attica Travel Guide

Attica Local History

The Attica Peninsula is chock full of historical monuments and natural sights and coastlines, including the splendour of Athens with all its history and modern attractions

Athens has been the artistic and cultural centre of Greece since the 8th century and came into its own as the birthplace of western philosophy in the 4th and 5th centuries BC

The area suffered a decline during the rise of the Roman Empire, during which time it suffered the ravages of overtaxation

The Attica was slowly restored to former glory from the year 1000 onward and since then hasn't looked back.

Attica Attractions

Attica Shopping

Athens Flea Market - Join the thronge rummaging through the bazaar-like stalls in this Greek potpouri of great bargains and not-so great "bargains". In spite of the busyness and popularity of the market you still have a good chance of unearthing a good buy or two- without waving "good bye" to all your money. Ferret out the well priced silver jewellery, woven cloth and leather items that can be found at good prices. The market is situated near to Pl. Monastiraki.

Kolonaki, Athens - Visit this upmarket area with a heavy purse, for some serious designer shopping - or do some money friendly window shopping instead.

Central Market, Athens - Another marketplace, just off Evripidou, where the aromas and sights of herbs, spices and tradional foodstuffs can be savoured.

Attica Restaurants and Bars

Attica Restaurants

Byzantino, the Plaka - This is one of the better restaurants and is frequented by locals (who generally know a thing or two about good local food). It is situated in the small park on Kydatheneon street and is highly recommended for its local fare and garden setting.

Kouklis - Pop into this ouzerie near to the Acropolis for their speciality: sausages washed down with a carafe of local ouzo. Typical vine covered balcony and tables spilling out into the street, a real drinking/eating/ talking relaxing atmosphere in great Greek tradition.

T.Stamatopoulos, 26 Lissiou, Plaka - Get into the action Zorba style with live Greek dancing. This restaurant has been family run for more than one hundred years and offers great food and a cool outdoor terrace for those hot Mediterranean evenings. Try the veal in wine sauce, a speciality.

Attica Bars & Clubs

Balthazar, 27 Tsocha St, Ambelokipi - This pleasant, modern bar is tucked away in a neoclassical building in ancient Ambelokipi. Escape the noise and traffic to enjoy a refreshing drink in the cool garden under the trees.

Alexanders, Anagnostopoulou 44, Kolonaki - Situated in an upmarket area this is the perfect place for a night of dancing. Alexander is a popular, trendy club where you can experience the fun loving Greeks in dance mode.

Bretto's, 41 Kidatheneon - Even the walls are decorated with bottles in this bar, a proud display by owners of the family-run distillery. Sample the traditional ouzo, liquers and brandy, but remember to pace yourself, especially if you are planning on accending Acropolis steps the next day..

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