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  • Centrotel Hotel 11A Peoniou 11a, Athens 9.0/10 - 433 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 53 Rooms
  • Hotel Aristoteles 15 Aharnon, Athens 7.0/10 - 466 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 60 Rooms
  • Royal Olympic Hotel 28 Diakou Street, Athens 8.0/10 - 561 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 297 Rooms
  • Hotel Marina 13 Voulgari Street, Athens 6.0/10 - 322 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 81 Rooms
  • Museum Hotel Athens 16 Bouboulinas Street, Athens 8.0/10 - 227 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 58 Rooms
  • Hotel Sofitel Athens Airport Airport of Athens-El.Venizelos, Spata 9.0/10 - 802 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 345 Rooms
  • Hotel Economy 5 Klisthenous, Athens 8.0/10 - 305 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 56 Rooms
  • Hotel Titania 52 Panepistimiou Avenue, Athens 7.0/10 - 228 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 285 Rooms
  • Hotel Park 10 Leoforos Alexandras- Pedion Areos, Athens 8.0/10 - 181 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 143 Rooms
  • Hotel Attalos 29 Athinas Str., Athens 8.0/10 - 586 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 80 Rooms
  • Hotel Athens Cypria 5 Diomias, Athens 8.0/10 - 266 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 71 Rooms
  • St Georges Lycabettus Hotel 2, Kleomenous Street, Athens 8.0/10 - 433 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 158 Rooms
  • Hotel Novotel Athenes 4-6 Mihail Voda, Athens 8.0/10 - 668 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 195 Rooms
  • Athens Acropol Hotel 1 Pireos Street, Athens 5.0/10 - 1 review Hotel Class 4 stars 167 Rooms
  • Hotel Jason Prime 3-5 Nikiforou, Athens 6.0/10 - 86 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 82 Rooms

Athens Travel Guide

Athens Attractions

Top Attractions

Acropolis Always the top tourist attraction in Athens, The Acropolis stands majestic on a hill overlooking the entire city. Dating back to 510 BC, this was an area of many temples, the best preserved being The Parthenon with it's ancient columns rising high, the Parthenon stands as an awesome sight. There is an adjacent museum as well. It's a well-trodden path, but worth the effort.

Theatre of Dionysos In the same area you'll find this huge monument to the ancient Athenians entertainment, named after the god Dionysia. Constructed in about 330 BC to house 17,000, this was a massive building project for it's day. Well preserved and worth taking a guide here.

National Archaeological Museum Built in 1889, this splendid building is home to one of the worlds best collections of Greek ancient artifacts, look out for the 3,600 year old mask of Agamemnon, and the Cycladic idols.

Ancient Agora Agora meaning marketplace, dating from the 6th century BC this area was used as a market until 600 AD. Fascinating to stroll through this area with many statues and ruins to discover.

The Athens Treasure Hunt Try the Athens Treasure Hunt! My husband and i found a company called who have created a self guiding Treasure hunt. The hunt was delivered to our hotel and we had to solve clues which basically guided us around the city and into some of the Ancient sites. I really recommend it for people wanting to have a great time in Athens without the chatter of a tour guide. Melanie Smith, Sussex UK
submitted by Melanie , 12/02/09

Agora Restaurant The finest restaurant:
submitted by Christos Koykoylis, 03/12/06

Trattoria Italiana Great italian food, homemade pasta. 7, Felellinon str.Athens
submitted by Vivian, 22/09/06

Ma Ma's greek food come and have a wonderful time here at Ma Ma's greek food. It's delicious! So come on and eat like a Ma Ma.
submitted by Diane Dickson, 18/04/06

Athens Shopping

Center of Hellenic Tradition Mitropoleos 59, for quality local crafts, one could do no better than here for weavings, ceramics and old paintings. Friendly and helpful staff.

Ermou Off Syntagma is this very popular pedestrianised shopping streets with hundreds of stores, street performers and activities.

Tyria Outra –This very popular deli is just outside the central market and has a mouth-watering selection of local cheeses, olive oil and Halva.

Metropolis You will find this triple story Greek music store on Omonia Sq. Metropolis boasts a vast array of local and international CDs.

Athens Restaurants and Bars

Athens Restaurants

Daphne's In the heart of The Plaka (the nightlife area), Daphne's stands out from the more informal tavernas which populate the area. Greek cuisine is served in a restored 19th century mansion. Indoor and outside dining in authentic classical Greek atmosphere.

Neon Syntagma In the style of the original restaurants that lined Syntagma Square, this brasserie has a tempting array of pastries and Greek sweets. Tasty local food is served, with a fine view of the lively square from the first floor.

Vlassis In Mavili Square, near the American Embassy on the first floor of an old mansion, this basic taverna is famous for it's quality traditional Greek food, open till 1am and the prices are reasonable.

Athens Bars & Clubs

Privilege In the fashionable Gazi district, Privilege is the in place for the rich and famous. If you want to hang out with the beautiful people then make a reservation, as the entry policy at the door is strict. Great DJs, decor and music.

Stavlos In Thissio, this entertainment complex features a restaurant, Cafes and Nightclub which rocks till the early hours to the latest sounds. Fantastic vibe here with a world-renowned bar. Set in a traffic free area near the Acropolis and a cool place for that cup of coffee in the daytime.

Mommy Delfon 4, this funky bar and restaurant is the hip place to be seen, a favourite with people connected to the arts. From time to time they do theme nights. If you say you are going to Mummy's tonight you won't be lying.

Klimataria In the Plaka, this hundred-year-old taverna host's live Greek entertainment. Reasonably priced food and drinks.

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