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Gibraltar Travel Guide

Gibraltar Local History

In ancient times, the Rock of Gibraltar was thought to be one of the Pillars of Hercules, at the end of the world. Having since discovered the world has no end; The Rock still looms large in man's imagination, and is one of the most contested landmarks in history.

Squabbled over by Moors and Spaniards for yonks, Britain stepped in and snatched the prize from both when English troops gained control of Gibraltar in the War of Spanish Succession. In 1713, the Treaty of Utrecht consolidated Britain's position, and today The Rock remains one of the Empire's last outposts.

In 1969 a staggering 12,138 votes against 44 proved the populace overwhelmingly in favour of British ties, which so infuriated Franco that he sealed the border and denied any contact between Spain and Gibraltar.

Fortunately, all that agro is now past, and the Gibraltar is once again freely visited by all, but remains steadfastly British culturally.

Gibraltar Attractions

Top Attractions

The Rock of Gibraltar - The tailless Barbary apes that have inhabited the notorious 'Apes Den' halfway up the rock since before the Moorish invasion were on the point of extinction in 1944. Churchill took charge and ordered fresh stock brought in from North Africa. His plan was so effective that today the enthusiastic breeding by the monkey's and resultant population explosion is causing concern.

Great Siege Tunnels - On the northern tip of the Rock are the tunnels built into the cliffside in the 1770's that were created to mount the Koehler gun and repel any Spanish assault.

Europa Point - The southern tip of Gibraltar is protected by three machine guns, and a lighthouse stands sentinel, on this point where the view of the straits stretches out in an endless vista.

St Michaels Cave - These ghostly chambers with their eerie lighting and weird formations were carved out of the rock by the power of water erosion.

Raffles Restaurant, Queensway Quay A range of menu options to make your head spin - every single type of appetite catered for! Staff and owner friendly and extremely helpful. Food gorgeous and well worth a visit.
submitted by Twojesterz, 25/03/05

Nothing to report! If you are looking for nice food, well then it's not really the right place. Definitely go to Spain. Food in Gibraltar is not too great. Don't eat meat, go for fish!
submitted by Pierre, 01/03/05

Casino Definitely go and spend some cash at the casino. It's located up hill, near the bottom of The Rock. You don't have to be dressed up. While i was there, a moroccan dude was spending tons of 50£ bills. Some people have money there (tax shelter).
submitted by Pierre, 01/03/05

Shopping Paradise If you are looking to buy spirits or cigarettes, take your wallet out of your bag. The rest is not as cheap as you would expect it to be. Clothes, hi tech stuff are not cheap.
submitted by Pierre, 01/03/05

Gibraltar Restaurants and Bars

Gibraltar Restaurants

There are a number of international restaurants in Gibraltar but they are hellishly expensive, and it makes sense to buy food from the local Safeway supermarket, which is located in the Europort commercial complex.

Gibraltar Bars & Clubs

Pubs galore abound in Main Street and Irish town, and offer lively and riotous entertainment for all, so if the apes have driven you to drink during the day, let go and have some monkey fun of your own in any of these establishments.

Bourbon Street - 150 Main Street, stands out as one of the most popular in a plethora of pubs, and offers darts, pool, and live music that you can get jiggy to, as well as Cajun and English cooking for the ravenous.

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