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Stuttgart Travel Guide

Stuttgart Local History

A Germanic tribe called the Alemanni inhabited the area around Stuttgart until the Romans took over in the first century AD. They built a fortress at Cannstatt and stayed until the 5th century. After they left the region was inhabited a series of rulers of took control, including Charlemagne and the Frankish Empire to name just a couple.

In 950 the Duke Liudolf von Schwaben founded a stud farm in the area from which the city took its name. The region became industrialized in the 19th century and the inventions of Gottleib Daimler and Robert Bosch revolutionized the city. Subsequently Stuttgart became one of the leading motor manufacturers in Europe. World War 11 brought with it heavy bombing by the Allies but after the war Stuttgart was quickly rebuilt and many of the buildings lovingly restored.

Stuttgart Attractions

Stuttgart Shopping

Stuttgart Christmas market - . The market is over 300 years old, in earlier times the visitors were entertained by tightrope walkers, jesters, dancing bears etc. These days this beautiful market has dozens of enchantingly decorated stalls, a fairyland for children and an open-air ice rink

Stuttgart Restaurants and Bars

Stuttgart Restaurants

Wielandshohe Alte Weinandshohe. For a special night out try the cooking of star chef Vincent Klink He and his wife, Elisabeth run their restaurant. in the suburb of Degerloch. Its worth the journey as the food is delicious. As far as possible, all the products are sourced locally or are homemade and the wine list is exemplary.

Der Zauberehrling Rosenstr 38. This hotel restaurant makes good use of organic products used to produce a menu, which includes a number of regional favourites. There is a lovely terrace on which to drink your coffee on summer evenings.

Alter Fritz Feuerbacher Weg 101. This small country mansion is in a lovely location high up on the wooded Killesberg Hill is just a 15 minute bus ride from the main station. The restaurant serves good food at reasonable prices

Stuttgart Bars & Clubs

Radio Bar Rotebuhipl 23. Pulsating House music gets the party going in this place. Popular with a young crowd who live it up on the dance floor.

Zap Hauptstatter Str. 40 this glitzy club is popular with the local smart set.

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