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Lubeck Travel Guide

Lubeck Local History

This was the most important town in the Baltic basin by the end of the Middle Ages; it attracts fans of Backsteingotic, which translates, as you might guess, Gothic brick architecture. It's easy to see why, because facades of buildings, city gates, insides of churches, the Town Hall, and even the Medieval hospital look like things brought back to life from an History of Architecture handbook

Lubeck Attractions

Top Attractions

Theatre Museum just off Breite Strasse; it's a puppet theatre museum with one of the world's largest collection of puppets, as you might guess. Remember Punch and Judy at the seaside when you were young?

Marienkirche located just behind the north wing of the Town Hall. It's the oldest brick-built church in Germany. Here you'll find 20th century sculptures by Ernst Barlach. If you go to the western side there's a painting of The Resurrection of Lazarus by Tintoretto. There's also a sculpture of St George And The Dragon, a copy of the famous original by the Lubeck artist Bernt Notke, is now in Stockholm.

Dom found on The Parade. It was completed in 1341 and its most precious item is the Triumphal Cross made from a 55-foot oak tree. The giant figures include Adam and Eve as well as the founder, bishop Albert Krummerdick. There's also two valuable sculptures of Holy Mary Mother of God with a crown made to look like stars, and the Beautiful Madonna made in 1509.

Heiligen-Geist-Hospital Heiligen-Geist-Hospital is not only one of Europe's oldest social institutions but also one of the most significant and well-preserved monumental buildings from the Middle Ages. Although initially used to tend to the sick, the building eventually came to serve as an almshouse. In the early 19th century, wooden compartments called "Kabäuschen" (cubby-holes) were added along the central nave to house the poor and needy. The building is still used as a retirement home today. However, the chambers and the church hall are used today for individual events and for the Kunsthandwerker-Weihnachtsmarkt, the craftsmen's Christmas market.
submitted by Regina Kordes, 20/08/07

Medieval Courtyards and Alleyways Lübeck's day-laborers and porters once lived in small houses crowded together in courtyards surrounded by residential blocks. Access was through small alleyways. Similar to other big cities in the late Middle Ages and the early modern age, Lübeck had its share of day-laborers and porters. They mostly lived in "Buden" - small houses, often little more than huts - that were crowded together on corner lots, behind town houses or in the yards surrounded by residential blocks. There are hardly any medieval Buden left today, as they were not built out of stone until the mid-19th century. As the general population grew in the second half of the 15th century, the number of residents in Lübeck increased by about a quarter as well. The merchants, the well-to-do middle class and the church were quick to realize the fountain of wealth that a house with a built-up yard represented. It was left up to the landlord just how many families he would squeeze into the tiny flats, and how many Buden he would have built behind his house. The smallest of these buildings, at Hartengrube No. 36, was barely 10 feet wide, 13 feet deep and 15 feet high (to the roof ridge). There were more than 180 passageways in Lübeck at the close of the 17th century. Today, some 90 passageways still exist
submitted by Regina-Kordes, 20/08/07

Restaurant Miera Hüxstr, 23552 Lübeck. International Food and Wine Bar
submitted by Regina Kordes, 17/08/07

Lubeck Shopping

Lubeck Traditional Christmas fair has been held for over 350 years. Today it is held in the Koberg Square where you will also find a Giant Wheel revolving which shows a unique view of the city.

Lubeck Activities

Lubeck Museum Holstentor - Take the kids to see the wonderful model of Lubeck as it appeared in the 15th century. Kids under 17 get in at a reduced rate.

Lubeck Restaurants and Bars

Lubeck Restaurants

Haus der Schifferesellschaft Breittestrasse 2. This is a weel known historic restaurant dating back from the 16th century. There are many pictures of Lubecks yachtsmen on the walls. Booking is a must here as it is very popular. Try the fish dishes and the excellent lamb.

Daskleine Restaurant An der Untertrave 39 This is a small restaurant that offers it's entire repertoire of 10 courses at reasonable prices. The food is very well cooked and apparently pretty memorable, for all the right reasons of course.

Ratskeller Dr Julius-Leber-Strasse 60-62. A reasonably priced cafe that serves a very good selection of vegetarian dishes

Lubeck Bars & Clubs

Propsteikirche Herz Jesu Parade 4. Lubeck is famous all over the world for its organ concerts. The concerts here are free on Wednesdays so it is well worth the effort to take a concert in.

Kandinsky Fleischauerstr. 89. If jazz is more to your taste then go to the live jazz gigs held here several evening a week.

Red Zone An der Untertraue 81-83. An older crowd frequent this disco. The music featured ranges from Techno/ House to Hip-hop.

Lubeck children's activities

Lubeck Museum Holstentor - Take the kids to see the wonderful model of Lubeck as it appeared in the 15th century. Kids under 17 get in at a reduced rate.

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