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Essen Travel Guide

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Essen Parks & Gardens

Lake Baldeney - This is a beautiful lake fed by the River Ruhr, with paths for long lazy walks. The lake is large enough for yachting or rowing. There are forests around the lake and it is possible to hire out a boat. Located near Villa Hugel and reached by bus No 6.

Gruga - This is the towns botanical garden and is centrally located. There is plenty of sport going on in the grounds. You can take a little train through the grounds to see the abundance of trees and exotic plants. On hot days the pools are popular with 4 different pools in a complex. There is also a concert hall on site.

Essen Restaurants and Bars

Essen Restaurants

Gebrandenhof - Wittenbergstr. 85, This old farmhouse has been converted into a stunning restaurant in the Bergehausen area. The German country food reflects the farm atmosphere, being hearty and the prices won't break you.

Der Lowe - Centrally located in Kopstadtplatz and serving traditional Germanic fare. Try this to experience German hospitality at it's best at very reasonable prices.

Sala Dolores Mexican Cantina - Alfredstrasse 56, This popular restaurant is strictly Mexican and serves all the usual favourites. Enjoyed by locals and visitors. Nice for a change from local food.

Cafe Extrablatt, Bar Celona - As the name suggests this Spanish style cafe is situated in Kennedy square. They serve breakfast, lunch and supper in laid back style. The buffets are great value for money and are all you can eat affairs. Great venue to meet people or just people watch.

Essen Bars & Clubs

De Prins - Isenbergplatz 12-14, This crowded bar is a Essen institution and is always lively with a great vibe. They serve very tasty pub grub as well. Bottles of Grolsch are forever popular here.

Soul - Ruttenscheider Street area in Kahrstr. Located in the heart of clubland, this busy bar starts to buzz at 10pm and keeps the vibe going till the early hours. The well stocked bar serves a variety of beverages in a friendly atmosphere.

Irish Times Pub - Berliner Platz 5, This is a location for home-sick ex-pats and is located under the Cinemaxx. The Guiness flows freely here, as does British pub grub as well as coming to cheer your favourite football team on the screens. There is also sometimes live music at this venue.

Flamingo - Pferdemarkt 2-4, Don't come here for a quiet night. House and Disco is the order of the day here. They often host live music and it's a great night out for headbangers.

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