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Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin Local History

Following the ravages of World War Two and the division of East and West Germany symbolized by the Berlin Wall, Berlin has become the main focus of the enormous reunification project of Germany.

However, although the Wall no longer exists the economic divide is still there.

West Berlin is a sophisticated modern city with all the material benefits that that implies while East Berlin is a shabby mix of old decaying apartment blocks, cheap cars and poor telephone systems.

Berlin is now undergoing a massive rebuilding phase that will see it return to greatness on the worlds stage.

Berlin Attractions

Top Attractions

Brandenburger Tor (Gate) - Built in 1791 this is an impressive structure that has been the centre of many political rallies over the centuries, including the celebrations of the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989. After this momentious event which symbolized the reunification of Germany, the area was reopened to the public. These days trafiic is passing freely through the gate and sales of pieces of the Berlin Wall are still going strong. Whether all of these pieces of concrete are genuine are a matter of conjecture.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum - The Museum is all that remains of the famous tower that was for so long a symbol of the Cold War. The actual tower is no longer on the site but a replica guardhouse has been erected on the site. The museum close by has an interesting display of clever devices used in escape attempts from the former East Germany. It is sobering to remember that this area was the scene of 80 deaths during the East/West tensions of the Cold War.

Museums and Concert Halls - If you are culture junky make your way to the museums and concert halls west of Potsdamer Platz. The Berliner Philharmonie is a concert hall with amazing acoustics. Nearby you will find the Chamber Music Hall and the Gemaldegalerie which boasts a huge collection of 18th century European paintings.

Hitler's Bunker Where Hitler hid during the Blitz etc
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Berlin Shopping

Arkonaplatz - Mitte. A flea market with a wide range of goods and collectables. Sundays only.

Berlin Activities

Badeparadies - If you want to take a day off sightseeing then take the kids to this water park. 'Blub' has something for the whole family. Kiddies pools, water chutes even a wave pool

Berlin Restaurants and Bars

Berlin Restaurants

Brooklyn Oranierstreet 176. If you have a craving for American style sandwiches, cheesecake or brownies, this is the place for you. The food on offer here is good and very inexpensive.

Al Rai Grosse Hamburger Streett 20/21. If you want to sit and relax over your tea, then this is the place for you. They serve Arab specialities such as couscous and shish kebab which make a welcome change from the ubiquitous sausages on offer in the City.

Cafe Jolesch Muskaurstr. 1, Kreuzberg. This is a smokey, noisy restaurant which is very popular with locals. The are renowned for their desserts so if you have a sweet tooth this is the place to go.

Medici Lausitzer Strret, Kreuzberg. This is a very trendy restaurant serving neuve deutsche Kuche in sophisticated surroundings.

Berlin Bars & Clubs

Kurvenstar Kleine Prasidentstr. 3, Mitte. Nicely decorated retro 70's club with a bar at the front and a dance floor out the back. Popular with young locals who are into hip-hop, drum'nbass and triphop.

Ostgut Muhlenstr. Rummelsburger Platz. The venue for Laboratory gay fetish evenings on occasions but a good place for raves which often feature famous DJs

Eirschale Zenner Alt-Treptow 14-17. A very popular beer garden by the shore of the River Spree. The music played is rock and roll straight from the 1950's and 60's. So get out those blue suede shoes and enjoy the moment.

Mister Hi Goltzstr.39 A cool cocktail bar with some of the city's best bartenders concocting fabulous cocktails for their appreciative customers

Berlin children's activities

Badeparadies - If you want to take a day off sightseeing then take the kids to this water park. 'Blub' has something for the whole family. Kiddies pools, water chutes even a wave pool

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Discover Berlin with its buildings, squares, its forests, its lakes and rivers as well as its culture, diverse gastronomy and commercial offers inside the 890 km² of the German capital within the city limits.

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