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Aachen Travel Guide

Aachen Attractions

Aachen Shopping

The Aachen Christmas Market - Held towards the end of the year in front of the town hall and known as one of the best German Christmas markets. Warm yourself up with a glass of Gluewien while viewing the incredible array of goodies. When it starts to snow the atmosphere is enhanced with a festive feel. (Try the Aachen biscuit 'Printen')

Mayersche - Buchkremerstrasse 1-7, This is a deluxe book store on 4 floors tucked away between Dom and Elisenbrunnen streets. You can relax on a sofa while paging through your favourite book. There are many titles in English.

Barenland - Buchel 23-25. This popular sweet shop is situated to the east of city hall and specialises in Gummi Barchen, which are well known throughout the country. Kids will have a ball in here.

Aachen Restaurants and Bars

Aachen Restaurants

La Becasse - Hanbrucherstrasse 1, Located just out of town by the Westpark. This predominently French restaurant does not turn it's back on German fare. The decor is modern and cuisine of a high standard. All the ingredients are fresh and the menu is inventive.

Restaurant Gala - Monheimsallee 44. Downtown restaurant linked to the casino. Named after Salvador Dalí's wife and housing some of his originals. This is German cuisine at its best and most original with a wine list to match. Gala is often hailed as the best restaurant in Aachen.

Ratskeller - Located in the central square and devided into two sections, Postwagen is the budget section and is a pub style atmosphere. Regional food cooked to perfection, fast friendly service. Postwagen serve reasonmably priced platters.

The Alt Aachener Kaffeestuben - The oldest cafe in Aachen is to be found in the centre of town at the Buchel. Offering lovely traditional cakes and flans with old fashioned decor to match. Every visitor should taste this cafe even just for a coffee.

Aachen Bars & Clubs

Martesa Keller - Martesastrasse, This small wood panelled bar is popular with the over 30s and has live music most nights. The sort of place that you stop by for a quick drink after work and stay. Located in the marketplace and Jazz orientated.

Rotation - Pontstrasse 135, This dance club is very lively especially at the weekend. The DJs get people on the dance floor till the morning light. Week nights are for meeting people and they host theme nights.

Wild Rover - Hirschgraben 13, Sorry if you might think this is a Irish folk club, but the headbanging rock music will dispel this notion. Live bands nightly ranging from pop to punk.

Cafe Kittel - Pontstrasse 39, This popular bar attracts a young crowd and serves snacks. Clubbers usually come for a pre club drink and sometimes stay on.

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