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  • Hotel Auberge Le Manoir 8 route du Bouchet, Chamonix Mont Blanc 8.9/10 - 77 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 24 Rooms
  • Hotel El Paso 37 impasse des Rhododendrons, Chamonix Mont Blanc 5.7/10 - 12 reviews 14 Rooms
  • Hotel Louvre Impasse Androsace, Chamonix Mont Blanc 8.0/10 - 30 reviews Hotel Class 1 stars 27 Rooms
  • Les Cimes Hotel 341 Ave Charles Feige, Megeve 9.1/10 - 12 reviews 8 Rooms
  • Hotel Val D'Este Place de l'Eglise, St Gervais Les Bains 7.2/10 - 13 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 14 Rooms
  • Hotel De L'Arve 60 impasse des Anémones, Chamonix Mont Blanc 9.0/10 - 94 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 39 Rooms
  • Hotel Beausoleil Le Lavancher, Chamonix Mont Blanc 8.1/10 - 10 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 15 Rooms
  • Hotel La Ferme Du Chozal Le Chozal, Les Saisies 8.0/10 - 33 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 11 Rooms
  • Hotel Au Bon Coin 80 av. Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix Mont Blanc 8.0/10 - 1 review Hotel Class 2 stars 20 Rooms
  • Hotel De L'Aiguille Verte 683 Rue Joseph Vallot, Chamonix Mont Blanc 7.8/10 - 4 reviews Hotel Class 1 stars 12 Rooms
  • Hotel Le Prieure Allée du Recteur Payot,, Chamonix Mont Blanc 7.0/10 - 94 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 91 Rooms
  • Chalet Eden Hotel Localita' Villaret 74, La Thuile 8.9/10 - 51 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 22 Rooms
  • Hotel Terminus Mont Blanc 150 av de Gen, St Gervais Les Bains 6.8/10 - 25 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 36 Rooms
  • Hotel Alpina 79 av. du Mont Blanc, B.P.135, Chamonix Mont Blanc 7.0/10 - 171 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 136 Rooms
  • Hotel La Savoyarde 28 route des Moussoux, Chamonix Mont Blanc 4.8/10 - 16 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 14 Rooms

Chamonix Travel Guide

Chamonix Ski Resort

  • Nearest town: Annecy(70km)
  • Resort Altitude (metres): 1035m
  • Ski Season: November to May
  • Mountain Range: The Alps, next to Mont Blanc
  • Number of Lifts: 49
  • Highest Lift (metres): 3843m
  • Lowest Lift (metres): 1035m
  • Number of Slopes: 69
  • Snowboarding: Yes, 3 snowboard parks.
  • Cross Country (km): 43km

Chamonix Ski Information

General information

The town of Chamonix is a fair size and apart from it's beauty, there are some good attractions for a break from the pistes. Musee Alpin 89, avenue Michel Croz is an interesting and well set out museum depicting the history of the surrounding Alps. They have a permanent collection of exhibits and host many special shows. Chamonix is home to a large music festival in the summer, with many top conductors participating. Plenty of sports take place here like paragliding, white water rafting, climbing, golf and there is a pool in town with tubes. A ice rink, health centre, sports centre and ice rink are enough to keep everyone busy.

  • Languages: French
  • Temperatures: 7.5c
  • Driving: Right hand side
  • Emergency contact numbers: All Emergencies - 112
  • Population: 10000
  • Religion: 90% Catholic
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There are many restaurants in town and if it's fine dining you are after, then there is a great selection including classics like L'Eden, La R'Mize a Ravanel and Fleur de Sel for French cuisine at it's best and many top of the range International restaurants.For anyone who enjoys a flutter there is also a casino in town. The bars start buzzing as soon as the sun go's down. Le Vagabond and L' Expedition are particularly popular, and as for discos and night clubs, such as L'Arbate Cafe and Dick's Tea Bar, they are jam packed over the weekends with the party going on and on.


Chamonix is one of the largest and busiest ski resorts in the French Alps. Easily accessible as Geneva Airport is within an hours drive.The spectacular location next to the towering Mont Blanc sets the scene to a beautiful, if rather over the top resort.This town not only is perfectly situated for hiking, walking and skiing, but the nightlife is something else. Sadly there are few areas for the starter, though you can learn here. Good skiers are attracted to the big mountains and challenges, but they do tend to form cliques. Overall it's not the ideal place for the family, and queuing gets a bit hectic at the weekends, but if you have experience and want a greater thrill, then this is for you.

Chamonix Attractions

Chamonix Parks & Gardens

Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserve - This amazing Nature Reserve extends from an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level at Argentiere, to just under 3000 metres at the summit of Belvedere. The reserve is open from June to September, and visitors can see a variety of different plants and wildlife. It is a good idea for an interesting and fun day out.

Chamonix Snowpark - Located at Telesiege du Mont-Blanc. This is a great place to go if you're looking to have some fun outdoors in the snow. There is a bar/cafe; good Dj providing some music; and snowboarding shops. Even if you don't feel like hitting the snow, its a great place to chill and watch the other snowboarders.

Chamonix Restaurants and Bars

Chamonix Restaurants

La Casa Valerio - 88 rue du Lyret. This restaurant is very popular with the locals of Chamonix. You can enjoy tapas at the cozy bar, filled with Chianti bottles and Alpine souvenirs, before heading upstairs to the dining room, where red-and-white checked tablecloths set the trattoria motif. They serve a wide range of excellent dishes at very reasonable prices.

Le Chaudron - 79 rue des Moulins. This is the best restaurant for good value; honest cooking; and fine mountain ingredients. The chef's specialities include: house-style sweetbreads; rabbit stew with juniper berries; several robust beef dishes; and fondues. The cellar is filled with well-chosen wines, such as Chateau Mouton-Rothschild and Chateau Latour.

Restaurant Matafan - 62 allee du Majestic. This excellent restaurant has decor of soft pastels and handwoven tapestries, arranged around a central pentagonal fireplace. They serve a range of excellent local dishes at reasonable prices. The excellent cellar contains more than 500 wines, many reasonably priced.

Chamonix Bars & Clubs

l'Arbate Cafe - 80 chemin du Spai. This nightclub, situated in a two-level chalet, plays the latest cutting-edge music and serves a range of drinks to really get the party started. It is very popular with the locals and tourists of all ages. This is a great place to party hard while meeting new people.

Dick's Tea Bar - 80 rue des Moulins. This is another of the most popular clubs in Chamonix, the atmosphere is electric and the choice of music is outstanding. It is frequented by a more younger crowd and is a good choice for a wild night out.

Le Blue Night Disco - 22 rue Paccard. If you're looking for a more chilled-out evening out on the town, this is the place to go. The dance floor occupies a very old vaulted cellar and the music is at a level allowing conversation. This is a great place to have fun, meet new people, and have good conversation.

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