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Cathedrale Notre-Dame des Doms - Thet went overboard building this 12th century Cathedral in Place du Palais with a golden statue of the virgin at the peak. It's a huge (Some say monstrosity) Cathedral and contains some highly decorted tombs of former popes. Fine views of the River Rhone from the gardens.

Musee Calvet - 65 rue Joseph-Vernet - This beautiful collection of silver from the far past, and classic art works from many old masters is housed in a magnificent 18th century mansion.

La Fondation Angladon-Dubrujeaud - 5 rue Laboureur. Jacques Doucet, the Parisian designer lived in Avignon and has put his personel art collection on show at this museum. This is also his original home and he certainly had good taste in art and antique furniture.

Musee Lapidaire - 18 rue de la Republique, This is a good history lesson for past life in Provence. Housed in a 17th century church, one can see the variety of civilisations in the area through sculpture and art that has been unearthed.

Escala Tapas New Spanish Tapas restaurant (2005). Very nice prices. 19 place Crillon (in the heart of the town). Spanish typical food cooked with fresh products. Spanish and Latino music. 3 or 4 concerts each month (Flamenco, Latino, Latino- rock, jazz...) Young and dynamic atmosphere.
submitted by Alain Igonet, 17/12/05

Le Woolloomoolloo - 16 bis rue des Teinturiers If you expect 26 Euros to deliver a decent meal and good service here -- think again! Woollamaloo adds another overpriced plate to the scourge of restaurants looking to fleece unwitting tourists. Expect wine to run at three times the market value. Do not expect the flourished descriptions to mean “tasty” or “gourmet” -- it is just bad beef stew. The red snapper was memorable only for being overcooked and cottony. Two kinds of badly cooked and bland rice were the flinty accompaniments. A final insult was the banana/ coconut dessert -- literally just bananas rolled in coconut but tasting more like plantains rolled in wood chips. If you dare to raise a complaint, expect to be summarily and rudely dismissed by the cook/owner whose business-plan is obviously focussed on walk-ins rather than building a good reputation. Take your tourists dollars instead to one of the many lovely and delicious establishments about town. If you want poor quality, better to go to the golden arches -- where the rouges at least come in charlatans clothing.
submitted by TL Reader, 01/08/05

Avignon Shopping

Antiquites Bourret - 5 rue Limas, Antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries are stored here and though bargains may be rare, it's a treat to browse around the antiques of Provence.

Les Halles - Place Pie. This huge covered market is open every morning except Monday. All sorts are sold here including local produce. There are a few smaller markets around town, but this is the only one open through the week and the largest.

Terre e Provence - 26 rue de la Republique. Genuine pottery from Provence can be found here, they mostly stock decorated terra-cotta and this is a good place to find a gift locally made.

Avignon Restaurants and Bars

Avignon Restaurants

Christian Etienne - This stone huose dates back to the 12th century and a gourmet meal here is a trip back to the past. The walls are decorated with original frescoes and the food is mouthwatering. The inventive chef often changes the menu and only uses fresh seasonal ingedients.

La Grotte - 35, montee des Princes, This unique restaurant is based in Orange, is near the Municipal theatre and Roman Theatre. and carved out from the side of a hill in an ancient cave. This is an average pizzeria with a twist.

Mireio - Allees de l'Oulle, riverside, You can find these boats at the riverside and they organise a variety of cruises along the Rhone, including caberet and you can combine good dining and sightseeing on these 4 boats.

Tapalocas - 15, rue Galante - This is a very popular Spanish restaurant in the heart of town. If you just fancy a drink and snack they do a renowned tapas. The restaurant is ornately decorated and locals and visitors like to meet, greet and eat well here.

Avignon Bars & Clubs

Gambrinus - 62 rue Carreterie, This pub is for the serious European beer lover. A great selection of designer brews and whiskies. Warning - though it's tempting to try plenty of these, some are really strong so be careful. They also serve snacks and have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Le Woolloomoolloo - 16 bis rue des Teinturiers, As you might have guessed by the name that this is an Aussie watering hole, but locals love it here. The pub part is Aussie and the restaurant is strictly French (A sensible compromise). The name translates to "Black Kangaroo" in the Aboriginal dialect.

Bokao's Cafe - 9 quai St-Lazare. This busy restaurant/disco get livelier later in the night. They serve great meals followed by dancing to lose some of that weight.

Les Ambassadeurs - 27 rue Bancasse. A dance club that is populated by a mixed age group, as the music differs from night to night. Come for an ealy meal and stay on for the disco.

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