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France Information

Population: 60.18 million

Time Zone: GMT +1 (+2 in summer)

Driving side: Drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Languages: Breton Catalan Basque French Corsi

Religion: 90% Roman Catholic
2% Protestant
1% Muslim
1% Jewish
6% unaffiliated

Emergency #: Pan Europe: 112
Police: 17
Fire Department: 18
SAMU (ambulance): 15

France Popular Destinations

Paris - Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, and is the essence of all things French. Many of Paris' important sights are found along its river, and its quartiers each have their own individual personalities, so it's easy to experience a lot without having to cover much ground. The museums; monuments; and the two islands are a magnet for visitors, but it can be rewarding to just wander around the city.

Cannes - During the Film Festival in May, Cannes is crawling with movie stars; movie makers; and their fans. Apart from the posh boutiques; hotels; and restaurants, it also has some excellent beaches. The harbour; the bay; the hill west of the port Le Suquet; the beachside promenade; the beaches; and the people catching some sun, provide more than enough natural beauty.

Biarritz - The coastal town of Biarritz, found 8 km west of Bayonne, began as a resort in the mid-19th century when Napoleon III and his wife, Eugenie, began coming here. Today Biarritz is known for its lovely beaches and excellent surfing. The sights of the city are all close to each other.

Chamonix - This town lies in the most spectacular valley of the French Alps. This area is dominated by some deeply crevassed glaciers and the cloud-diademed peak of Mont Blanc. In summer the glaciers and high altitude snow are a back drop to some beautiful fauna, this is the best time for hiking. In winter tourists take advantage of over 300 km of skiing trails.

France Beaches

La Baule - An 8 km stretch of beautiful white sandy beach provides the perfect place to catch a summer tan and show off designer beachwear while playing in waters warmed by the Gulf Stream. There are many shops, restaurants and other facillities all along the beach.

Nice - Situated on the French Riviera, Nice has some of the best beaches in the Riviera. There are many different private and public beaches to choose from. Most of the beaches have a range of excellent facillities on offer: shops; restaurants; cafes; and more.

Cannes - This is one of the most famous destinations in the Riviera, where you can mingle with the rich and famous. There are a range of excellent beaches, with white sand; warm sun; and a great atmosphere. There are plenty of shops; restaurants; and cafes near the most of the beaches. There are a range of watersorts on offer at most of the beaches in Cannes.

Moving Around France

France's domestic airlines link almost all of the urban centres. Internal travel is relatively cheap, so even the budget tourist can catch a plane from one city to another. Interregional bus services are a bit limited, but buses are used a lot for short distance travel within regions. On longer trips, buses are a bit slower but cheaper than trains and on short trips, buses are slower and more expensive.

Local transport includes the cheap and efficient, Metro and RER underground networks. France has an outstanding rail network, operated by the state-owned SCNF, and reaches almost every part of the country. Thanks to the high-speed TGV train, travel between some cities faster and easier by rail than by air.

National festival and holidays

Bastille Day (14 July) - This is the most important holiday in France, and is celebrated throughout the country with many festivities.

Cannes Film Festival (mid-May) - Help in Cannes every year, this is one of the most famous and popular film festivals throughout the world. There are many shows, parades and parties held all over the city.

International Music Festival in Strasbourg (first three weeks of June) - This festival celebrates music, with many different performances and workshops taking place all around the city.

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