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  • Submitted by: Steve, United Kingdom
  • Submission Date: 14th Jan 2006

I thought I would give Eastern Europe a try, ad initially thought of Bulgaria, which is well advertised. But then thought Romania, why not?
I have to say that my initial views on travelling through Bucharest was not too impressive,its in serious need of TLC, and a lot of paint wouldn't go amiss either. However, when you put that aside, it is a vibrant and cosmopolitan City, with plenty of things to do, night clubs,and teaming with shopping malls,with all the brand names you can think of.
To see all that it has to offer, would take a lot longer than I had, but I will go back, and would advise others to go.
After that I travelled around the more rural parts, going to Bran (Dracula's castle is there)although it looks nothing like the one in the movies, which was a pleasant suprise.
It has some tacky souvenir stalls there, but overall, it is a lovely little town, with very friendly people.Nice red wind called "Vampire" was pleasant and pleasantly served, and cheap!
After that ,went to Brasov, with its ski resort, which whilst the town itself, is very nice as were the people, it was expensive, so was the accomodation,and it wasn't too good on quality and service either.
Still if anyone is looking for an alternative to the Austrian/Siss/French ski resorts, this would definately be worth investigating.There are hotels up to 5* international standard, and maybe less than those in Westeren Europe , but still quite pricey.
Having spent too much money there, moved onto, and (quite by accident really..ended up in Campulung, intending to stay around for just a night ,before going back to Bucharest, and then home. Asked about somewhere to saty and a taxiu driver told me about an English guy with a B&B, so thought, give it a try.
Within a few minuits I arrived and met the guy (Rodger), who welcomed me in, showed me around, and let me settle into the apartment,....immediatley i was impressed, the room was large, very nicely furnished, and the bathroom(ensuite) was impressive. In the morning Rodger served up,very cheerfully, a huge English breakfast, a few minuits after I arrived in the kitchen...theres no fixed meal times, which was great.
Anyway stayed a few more days, and had a great time there, and suggest anyone going to Campulung look them up,.....they told me they had a listing in Travel-library(Casa Anglia.)....pity all B&Bs are not like there one.

Overall impression of Romania, its got a long way to go to match better known and developed countries,has a lot to learn about service. But it has fabulous potential, some amazing scenery, and at the moment hasnt been spoilt by too much touristic commercialisation. Its pretty cheap, public transport whilst old, is efficient and a very inexpensive way to get around.
The people, generally are very friendly, although their are some beggars who were a bit irritating and persistent. Many Romanians, have a second language, either French or English,and keen to pracice on any one who will listen.
Would I go back, most certainly, but in Spring or Sommertime, and spend some time in the mountains....they are for sure beautiful.
Maybe even go to the Black Sea resorts, and get a nice suntan,apparently its very warm there.