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Pissouri Travel Guide

Pissouri Local History

In the past, the village of Pissouri, on the hill had a fishing jetty a few kilometers down the hill on the coast. From the early 1980s a separate community has developed around the jetty.

Both parts of Pissouri have maintained an excellent balance by retaining their traditional outlook on life and developing the tourist industry so that it just satisfies the needs of travelers without impacting on society. Most of the inhabitants of the town are farmers; this area is renowned for growing grapes.

Pissouri Attractions

Top Attractions

St Andrew Church This church dominates the central village square, and dates from the 1870s. Legend has it that the mason, supervising construction of the church, is buried where he fell off the belfry and was killed.

Golf Pissouri is situated close to two world-class golf courses Tsada and Secret Valley. These courses offer a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the island as they blend in well with their surroundings.

Kourion It was founded in 14th century BC by Greek colonists. It's rich in history
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Pissouri Shopping

Shopping is quite good in Pissouri for a village of its size, it is worth remembering that bargaining is expected, so don't feel you should accept the first price offered.

Pissouri Beaches

The beach area down on the coast is clean, safe and consists of part sand and part shingle. Water sports are available in Summer and most locals make their way here on Sundays.

Pissouri Restaurants and Bars

Pissouri is famous for its sultanas, as it is Cyprus's primary grape growing center. While at the coast you can also try some of the local fish dishes, which include Sipya cuttlefish cooked with its ink, Ahtapot salatasi an octopus salad or Raki Soslu Levrek fried fish marinated in a Raki sauce.

Pissouri Restaurants

The Two Friends - This place has it all, a popular restaurant with great views, a good menu and a decent selection of wines. The owner and his wife do the cooking while their friend, a local grape farmer does the serving.

Bunch of Grapes - This place has contributed immensely to the popularity of Pissouri, as it is one of the best patio/courtyard restaurants in the country.

Pissouri Tavern - This is a very traditional Cypriot tavern. In summer meals are served in the square. All meat is cooked over charcoal and the service is excellent.

Pissouri Bars & Clubs

Sparti Pub - In summer this place spills out onto the square and is really popular. The atmosphere is relaxed and they don't mind if you buy food elsewhere to eat with your drinks at the pub.

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