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  • Kapetanios Hotel 4-6, Pan. Symeou Str. ees P.O.Box 56748, Limassol 8.0/10 - 41 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 75 Rooms
  • Arsinoe Hotel 62, Amathous Ave., Agios Tychonas ees P.O.Box 51389, Limassol 5.1/10 - 202 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 179 Rooms
  • Luca Cypria Poseidonia Beach Hotel Amathous (6 km east of Limassol) ees P.O.Box 51206, Limassol 6.1/10 - 86 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 138 Rooms
  • Louis Apollonia Beach Hotel Georgios A, Limassol 7.0/10 - 128 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 212 Rooms
  • Atlantica Bay Hotel Amathous (11 km east of Limassol) ees P.O.Box 52001, Limassol 9.0/10 - 491 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 201 Rooms
  • Atlantica Oasis Hotel 11, Stymfalidon Str., P. Germasogeias ees P.O.Box 52001, Limassol 8.0/10 - 534 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 235 Rooms
  • Ajax Hotel Corner G. Neofytou & D. Nikolaou Str., 4006 Mesa Geitonia ees P.O.Box 5, Limassol 7.0/10 - 93 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 176 Rooms
  • Episkopiana Hotel Kremastis Str., 4620 Episkopi ees P.O.Box 51413, Limassol 4.5/10 - 23 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 100 Rooms
  • GrandResort Hotel Amathous (11 km east of Limassol) ees P.O.Box 54500, Limassol 9.0/10 - 235 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 255 Rooms
  • Kanika Pantheon Hotel Corner 28th October Str. & Chr. Demetriades Str. ees P.O.Box 53030, Limassol 8.0/10 - 94 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 147 Rooms
  • Mediterranean Beach Hotel Amathous Ave. ees P.O.Box 56767, Limassol 8.0/10 - 280 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 291 Rooms
  • Navarria Hotel Amathous, Limassol 6.0/10 - 83 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 130 Rooms
  • Crusader Beach Hotel Georgios A' Str., P. Germasogeias ees P.O.Box 50051, Limassol 5.1/10 - 28 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 114 Rooms
  • Golden Arches Hotel 116, Amathous Ave. (9 km east of Limassol) ees P.O.Box 54104, Limassol 6.0/10 - 112 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 110 Rooms
  • Pavemar Hotel Limassol 28th October Str. ees P.O.Box 50263, Limassol 7.4/10 - 12 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 93 Rooms

Limassol Travel Guide

Limassol Local History

The area that is now Limassol has been inhabited since around 2000BC. In 1192AD, King Richard the Lionheart landed in Limassol and ended the Byzantine rule of Cyprus. For three centuries, the city prospered as a center for trade with its harbour and many merchants that lived in the city.

The following four centuries were characterised by tragedy and declining prosperity in 1425 the city was devastated by fire from invading Mamelukes who plundered Limassol and neighbouring towns, this was repeated by the Turks in 1570.

Today the town is a popular tourist destination and the industrial center of Cyprus with a bustling port.

Limassol Attractions

Top Attractions

Limassol Castle Built on the site of a Byzantine fort in the 14th century, this was where the marriage between kin Richard and Queen Berengaria took place.

Kourion Kourion is one of the most spectacular archeological sighs on the island. This ancient city-kingdom has many ancient treasures including the Greco-Roman Theatre dating from the 2nd century BC, which has been fully restored. Other sights include baths, houses some with beautiful mosaics and a stadium.

Folk Art Museum Housed in a restored old house, this museum contains a very beautiful collection of Cypriot Folk Art of the past 200 years. Also included are national costumes, embroidery and tapestries.

The Blue Lantern Fabulous night out!! Food was ok but the atmosphere and dancers more than made up for the just adequate food and service.
submitted by Miss K Demerris, 07/05/08

Down Under Amazing bar..great girls dancing on the bar, shaking wot there mama gave them!! love it there.
submitted by Cameron, 13/05/07

Basement Club The foam parties that they had on there were awsome!
submitted by Craig, 01/08/06

Down Under Amazing atmosphere....lovely barmen...Evros & Mike!! Also Mike the DJ! We loved it!
submitted by Clare, 30/03/06

Surfers bar Im only 16 and I loved Surfers bar in Limassol. The guy staff are gd lookin especialy Nick (k) and Paul at the bar and Chris with the hat on. Love them all :D xxxxx
submitted by Roxanne, 16/07/05

Charades Very friendly and welcoming - but then we found ants in our bread. We were not pleased with this!!
submitted by Philippe, 10/03/05

Surfers Lovely friendly bar staff, great place to start your night!!
submitted by Fliss, 08/03/05

Limassol Shopping

Shopping is good in Limassol, being a tourist city; the shopkeepers are not naive and will not hesitate to overcharge if they think they can get away with it. The best thing to do is to shop around and don't display overt enthusiasm for something before you ask the price.

Limassol Activities

Limassol Carnival An Annual event that will delight adults and children alike. This event brings the entire town together with massive local participation in the parades and festivities.

Limassol Beaches

Dassoudi Beach Slightly better than the main beach (which is comprised of stones).Governor's Beach The least crowded of all, has sand and is clean.

Mile Beach A beach with grainy sand and clear waters.Kourion Beach A large beach that copes well with crowds.

Limassol Restaurants and Bars

One of the most popular ways to eat in this part of the world is to have a Meze, which is a number of small dishes (up to thirty) served with rice. Popular mezes include Hellim cheese that is either: fresh, grilled or fried. Cacik, which is a mixture of yogurt, cucumber and mint. Chakistes, which is crushed green olives, is also common.

Limassol Restaurants

Danae Tavern & Restaurant - Amathus Avenue: This place offers a real taste of Cyprus with a wide selection of local and international dishes. The quality is excellent so the slightly higher prices are not a turn off. At the end of the meal you will get a fresh plate of fruit and a complementary brandy or liqueur.

Mamas, Kanika Panorama Court - Amathus Avenue: This place is exceptionally popular and booking is essential on weekends or holidays. The food is really great and the staff does their best to cope in this busy place. The food here is not cheap but you do get good value for money as it is of a high quality.

Tryffs Place - Adjacent to Estella Aparthotel: A wonderful family run restaurant by the owner and his children. The food is good and so is the atmosphere with dancing between tables and onto the street.

Limassol Bars & Clubs

Rumours - A very highly recommended bar, with great music, atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks. A great place to spend an evening or drop by before or after someplace else.

The Auld Triangle - 89 George St. Street: This place is designed for a party with music ranging from the 60's to the latest hits. Attracts a crowd that ranges from the late twenties and upwards. There is an entrance free that includes a free drink. Open from midnight to 4.30am.

Whispers - Georgiou A' Potamos Yermasoyias. A large venue that hosts amazing foam parties. The music includes international and Greek hits and it is really popular.

Limassol children's activities

Limassol Carnival An Annual event that will delight adults and children alike. This event brings the entire town together with massive local participation in the parades and festivities.

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