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Latchi Travel Guide

Latchi Local History

According to legend, the area that is now Latchi was once long ago, the scene of a dramatic tale between two young loves. In the time of the gods, Aphrodite, it is said, fell in love with a bold young hunter named Adonis. Adonis loved the thrill of hunting, Aphrodite, however was concerned for his safety. One day while hunting a wild boar he was killed as the raging boar buried its tusk in the young hunters side.

As Aphrodite rushed to the scene, she cut her delicate skin on the underbrush and tinged all the white roses pink. On finding Adonis she shed countless tears, which, as they struck the ground turned into anemones; the red drops of blood at the scene then turned into red roses. This legend explains how all the beautiful flowers came to be in this area.

Today Latchi remains a sleepy coastal town; the impact of tourism cannot be seen as greatly as in other towns, which allows the natural character of the place to shine through.

Latchi Attractions

Top Attractions

Medieval Churches The churches of Agios Andronikos and Agia Kyriaki in nearby Polis date from the 15th century. In the late 16th century, invading Turks converted the first of the churches into a mosque and plastered over its frescoes.

Baths of Aphrodite This is natural feature carved from limestone. Legend states that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, used to take her baths here.

Hiking Trails - Two very popular hiking trails begin in this area the Aphrodite and Adonis. Both trails wind through lush forest vegetation, ancient ruins and allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. The hikes can take from 2 o 3 hours or an entire day depending on whether you have a picnic for lunch or not.

Yiangos & Peter Lovely, fabulous fish caught daily by family members of the owner family. The best and freshest fish i've ever eaten. Really, so nice and tasty. If you go to cyprus, you must have fish in Y&P.
submitted by Villos Muchos, 02/12/07

La Plage restuarant Situated on the road between Polis and Latchi. This restuarant is right on the beach with ample parking. Beautiful views and a very friendly warm welcome. The food is fabulous - I have eaten in many Cypriot Restuarants and can honestly say I have not tasted better Stifado or more tender Squid and the seafood Meze is beyond description.
submitted by Ruth, 15/09/07

Crystal Marine in Latchi Harbour I was really impressed with how the harbour has been developed. When I came last year it was being extended. Now the work has finished, it's lovely - growing up to be a proper marina. What really made our stay great this year was running into Crystal Marine in the Habour. They are an RYA Training centre and I had a fantastic day sailing the local bay.
submitted by Jack Brennan, 30/12/06

Mystery's Beautiful taverna tucked away behind polis square. It's situated just bfore the co-op. Of an evening it is lit up with tea light candles, looks lovely! Tables are set outside on a small patio area, great food and service. They serve traditional cyprus dishes for a good price. A family of 5 can have a 3 course meal for only 6 cyprus pounds per head. I would definately reccommend that you try this taverna at leat once if you stay in Polis!
submitted by Jodie, 07/07/06

Coral Bay Just past Latchi. Finding a sandy beach in the Polis area is hard so Coral Bay is a real gem! Unlike Polis beach Coral Bay is sandy, has great waves and has a wide selection of watersports and pedalos. It has two bar/restaurants and shower facilities. It gets very busy as many of the locals use this beach so try to get there early to get a sunbed!
submitted by Jodie, 07/07/06

Imogen's Superb! The food is incredible (this is THE place for a Meze) and very reasonably priced. Relaxed atmosphere and serene setting high in the hills in Kathikas, you just cannot go wrong by visiting!
submitted by Kym Giles, 18/10/05

Latchi Shopping

The smaller villages of Cyprus are the best places to pick up handcrafted Cypriot lace at a decent price. Bargaining is expected, be polite but firm and shop around to get an idea of a good price.

Latchi Activities

Aphrodite Water Park If the kids are driving you nuts, this place will be worth the trip. Noted as being one of the finest parks of its kind in the Mediterranean, it uses the latest technology and guarantees a high level of safety and hygiene. To get here you will need to take the main road south to Paphos.

Latchi Beaches

The beaches on this part of the coast are a mixture of sand and pebbles with cool waters and warm breezes.

Latchi Restaurants and Bars

In Latchi and nearby Polis travellers can sample the many locally made wines that are becoming increasingly popular overseas. Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine favoured by Richard the Lion Heart.

Latchi Restaurants

Faros - Latchi harbour front. Of all the many harbour front taverns, this one comes highly recommended for its excellent food and service. The helpings are so generous that lunchtime snacks could do for two.

Finikas - Polis Square, Polis: Situated in nearby Polis, the food here is excellent and includes a host of traditional Greek cuisine. The atmosphere is friendly, with most of the customers chatting with each other, sharing experiences and making friends. The prices are reasonable and the portions generous.

Mustakalis - Polis Square, Polis: Also situated in nearby Polis this restaurant is worth the visit. The owner's father is the village butcher and so the meat is always as fresh as possible and brilliantly cooked.

Latchi Bars & Clubs

Viva Polis - Polis Square, Polis: A well-run pub with a great DJ and good efficient, friendly service. Opening time is 8pm and does not close until the last person leaves.

Costas Corner - Polis: A family owned pub with a great atmosphere. The food here is also excellent. Costa, the owner is a major football fan and will always do his best to screen any match you would like to see.

Savvas Taverna - Town Square, Polis: Excellent value for money here, which makes it a popular choice, ideal for a couple of beers or a meal.

Latchi children's activities

Aphrodite Water Park If the kids are driving you nuts, this place will be worth the trip. Noted as being one of the finest parks of its kind in the Mediterranean, it uses the latest technology and guarantees a high level of safety and hygiene. To get here you will need to take the main road south to Paphos.

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