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  • Antonis g Hotel Apts. 17 Anexartisias, St. Oroklini, Larnaca 6.8/10 - 48 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 28 Rooms
  • Aldiana Hotel 7572 Alaminos ees P.O.Box 57222, Larnaca 9.0/10 - 78 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 300 Rooms
  • Mariandy Hotel 7080 Larnaka-Dekeleia Rd, Pyla esa, Larnaca 6.4/10 - 12 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 25 Rooms
  • Golden Bay Hotel Larnaka-Dekeleia Rd., 7080 Pyla aa P.O.Box 40741, Larnaca 7.9/10 - 172 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 193 Rooms
  • San Remo Hotel 1, Shakespear aa P.O.BOX 42195, Larnaca 7.0/10 - 121 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 63 Rooms
  • Les Palmiers Hotel Corner Athens Ave., & Pierides Str.,, Larnaca 7.0/10 - 70 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 42 Rooms
  • Cactus Hotel 6-8 Tyrimou Street, Larnaca 4.0/10 - 58 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 56 Rooms
  • Sandy Beach Hotel Larnaka-Dekeleia Rd., 7080 Pyla aa P.O.Box 40857, Larnaca 7.0/10 - 99 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 205 Rooms
  • Louis Princess Beach Hotel Larnaka-Dekeleia Rd., 7041 Oroklini aa P.O.Box 40858, Larnaca 8.0/10 - 186 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 138 Rooms
  • Larco Hotel Pontou Str, Larnaca 6.0/10 - 79 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 55 Rooms
  • Faros Holiday Village Hotel Faros Ave., Pervolia (14 km south of Larnaka) aa P.O.Box 40598 . Sa, Larnaca 7.1/10 - 1 review Hotel Class 3 stars 134 Rooms
  • Amorgos Hotel 11, Mitsi Str. esa Arch. Makariou III & Agapinoros Str. No 2Iris Tower,, Larnaca 7.1/10 - 38 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 37 Rooms
  • Sun Hall Hotel 6, Athens Ave. aa P.O.Box 40300, Larnaca 6.9/10 - 85 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 112 Rooms
  • Henipa Hotel Gr. Afxentiou Ave., 7040 Oroklini aa P.O.Box 40801, Larnaca 4.9/10 - 125 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 89 Rooms
  • Beau Rivage Beach Hotel Rd Larnaca - Dhekelia, Larnaca 5.5/10 - 2 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 188 Rooms

Larnaca Travel Guide

Larnaca Local History

Larnaka is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In the time of the Old Testament, the city was known as Kition and the ruins of the ancient city can still be seen today.

The Hala Sultan tekke Mosque dates back to 647AD at the time of the first Arab invasion of Cyprus. The city is also home to the final resting place of St Lazarus in the city's central church.

Today, Larnaka is the international gateway to Cyprus; with palm lined promenades, excellent shops, sandy beaches and deep blue sea.

Larnaca Attractions

Top Attractions

Church of Agios Lazarus In this beautiful little 9th century church lies the tomb of St Lazarus. This is one of the most important Orthodox pilgrimage sites. Open daily in the morning and afternoon.

Kition This underground temple complex is the remains of the biblical city of Kition, which was settled in 1300BC. Part of the ancient Cyclopean wall and the temple of Astarte still exist. Open Mondays to Fridays 9am to 2.30pm.

Larnaka Fort This small fort served as a prison during British occupation. It was however, originally built by the venations in the 15th century to protect the harbour. If you climb the wall you will get an excellent view of the town. There is also a small museum below the wall. Open Monday to Friday 9am to 2.30pm.

Bar Code Located just off Athinon ave this tiny pavement pub/cafe is a great place to people watch or just enjoy the quiet atmosphere normaly found in the back streets of Munich, Paris or Amsterdam whilst still enjoying Keo beer at almost supermarket prices
submitted by John Harris, 25/11/08

Larnaca Shopping

The main shopping district of Larnaka is Zenon Kiteos Street, a bustling road of small shops and a colourful market selling fresh produce at one end.

Larnaca Beaches

It is advisable to try some of the beaches out of town to the northwest you will find white sand beaches that are far less crowded.

Larnaca Restaurants and Bars

Cyprus has so much to offer in the way of unique food that you may battle to decide between all the choices, so why not try a Meze. This is a selection of up to 30 small dishes, which should cover the whole range of Cyprus cuisine.

Larnaca Restaurants

Marvi Helona - Mehmet Ali 11: If you enjoy live music while you eat, this is the place to come. Located near the church of Agios Lazarus, locals and musicians enjoy the evening together, along with reasonably priced food.

1900 Art Cafe - Stasinou 6: Adorned with van Gogh prints, this is one of your only options in Larnaka if you are vegetarian. Located near the tourist office, it is open daily from 6pm till late.

Italia-Ristorante Spaghetteria - Academias sre: The food is cooked by an Italian chef by family tradition and is outstanding. The decor is pure Italian, and so are the wines and espresso, if you like Italian food, you wont find better than here.

Larnaca Bars & Clubs

The Bailey - Athinion Ave - Situated on the beach road in the shade of palm trees, you will no doubt enjoy the good food and music that make Irish pubs so popular.

Stone Age - On a side street off Athinon Ave, this pub is located at ground zero of the nightlife in Larnaka. All around it you will find places to drink, eat and party.

Club Memphis - Athinon Ave - Located underground, here you will be able to dance to a range of music in a mass of people. Hosts wicked foam parties. Open nightly from 10pm till late.

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