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Brussels Travel Guide

Brussels Local History

Over the centuries Belgium has been ruled by the Romans, Spanish, Austrians and French. An independent Belgium came into being in the early 19th Century. Brussels has been the centre of economic and political power in Europe since it became home to the Headquarters of the European Union and NATO. A busy modern city it still has centuries old architecture and museums that rank with the best in Europe.

Brussels Attractions

Top Attractions

Mannekin Pis - Possibly the most famous sculpture in Brussels, it was sculpted in bronze in 1619 but a stone version stood here from the 14th century. The people of Brussels see him as a indomitable and irreverent spirit and on occasions even dress him up in one of his 650 plus costumes.

Musee Royaux des Beaux - Arts de Belgique - This houses Belgiums finest collections of modern and ancient art. The works of Rubens and the Belgian Surrealists are well represented here.Musee des Arts Decoratifs - This museum located on rue Bouffard is housed in a beutiful eighteenth-century house. The extensive collection includes some amazing, mainly French, porcelain and faience, period furniture, glass, miniatures, Barye animal sculp.

Cantillon Brewery - Brussels is famous for its beer and this brewery is the last brewing gueze beer using traditional methods.

The Atomium - Situated in nearby Laeken this building is shaped like a giant molecule. You can travel round its metallic spheres by escalator. Outside there is a fascinating scale model of Europe. This is a must for kids of all ages.

Grand Place - This is a magnificent Square set in the heart of Brussels Old Town.It is the setting for baroque guidhalls, pavement cafes and restaurants.

Le Bazaar Rue des Capucins 63 (Marolles quarter) - Hidden cellar in a former monastery. Located in a typical brussels quarter, at a few steps from the Fuse. Excellent DJ's proposing very intellent sets from Disco to Rap/R&B. Audience is very diverse (nice ladies as well). €7.5 to get in with a free drink.
submitted by Pierre, 21/02/05

Le Tavernier Very trendy bar near the University of Brussels. Good for a coffee, a small meal, or a party. Chill and lounge music + video screens. More info
submitted by Pierre, 21/02/05

Goupil le Fol rue de la Violette (Near Grand Place) - Bar with great deco inspired by french literature, books, paintings. They only play French music there. Very cosy. Big sofa's and intimate athmosphere. Perfect for a drink with your date. Specialized in Fruit wines.
submitted by Pierre, 21/02/05

Archiduc 6 rue Antoine Dansaert - Jazz bar. Very popular in Brussels. You have to ring a bell to get in.
submitted by Pierre, 21/02/05

Jeux d'Hiver 1 chemin du Croquet (Bois de la Cambre) - If you look smart, like a jet-setter > then you MAY get it in, maybe. One of the most selective club in Brussels for people who "made it". Goodlooking guys & girls. Tunes from the 60's till today. More info
submitted by Pierre, 21/02/05

Fuse Rue Blaes 208 - The temple of techno, where the top DJ's around the world have performed there. Ten years after its opening, the Fuse is still around and stronger than ever! Website:
submitted by Pierre, 15/02/05

Chez Johnny Chaussée de Louvain 30 - Excellent club with a great athmosphere. Open on friday's and saturday's. Music goes from Top 40 hits to old songs, to disco & reggae. Well, all style of music basically. Enjoy!
submitted by Pierre, 15/02/05

Tapas Locas Rue Marché au Charbon 74 - Best tapas bar in Brussels. 3 euros per tapas (4 is enough). Sangria & good company and your evening will be a success. Mainly youthful clientele. Belgians & Expats
submitted by Pierre, 15/02/05

EXKI Available in several spots in Brussels, the Exki chain is a great concept: Healthy fast food. Go in there, choose from a wide selection of original sandwiches and salads and enjoy. 10 euro will be enough for a full meal.
submitted by Pierre, 15/02/05

St Gery Area Great shopping area for clothes. Lot's of alternative streetwear shops.
submitted by Pierre, 08/02/05

Stoemp Saucisse Mash potatoes with vegetables & sausages. Very heavy but sooo tasty. You'll be full for the rest of the day. Perfect with a beer.
submitted by Pierre, 08/02/05

Avenue Louise Great area for shopping. Fancy shops like Dior, Façonnable but affordable ones as well. Stop at Louise Metro Station.
submitted by Pierre, 08/02/05

Parc Royal Located in the center of Brussels and near the Royal Palace. It's a great place to hang out during summer time.
submitted by Pierre, 08/02/05

Recyclart Excellent spot to try something else than boring clubs & bars. They organize events from from "hardcore" Eeectro music to students parties! Excellent athmosphere usually with very friendly people. Definitely a nice place to meet cool guys & girls. Website:
submitted by Pierre, 02/02/05

Cafe Central Quartier St Gery - Definitely a place to go if you like good music (Electronic & alternative music). Great themed parties & concerts. Locals and expats.
submitted by Pierre Barbieux, 02/02/05

Le Malte Rue Berckmans 30 - Excellent little restaurant close to the Avenue Louise (300 meters away). Traditional french & world cuisine. Price around 15 to 20 for the main course. You can also smoke the Nargile. Food is always excellent.
submitted by Pierre, 02/02/05

Mussels & Fries Don't miss this one. Go to "La Bonne Humeur" or to the Place St-Catherine and enjoy. The simple recipy with white wine is the best!
submitted by Pierre, 02/02/05

Brussels Shopping

Belgium is famous for its chocolate and there are numerous shops selling the local specialities.

Brussels has an enormous number of wonderful antique shops which are well worth a visit. The usual European chain stores are also well represented.

Brussels Restaurants and Bars

Brussels is famous for its great seafood, particulary mussels and chips. The hot waffles are another delight worth sampling. Belgium chocolate is also famous worldwide and no visit to Brussels is complete without taste of the local produce.

Brussels Restaurants

L'Idiot du Village - Rue Notre Seigneur 19. Dark and intimate with plain wooden tables this restaurant serves the most wonderful food in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

The Lunch Company - Rue de Namur If you just want a light snack try the lovely sandwiches and salads here. They also do typical English high teas with scones and cucumber sandwiches.

This averne du Passage - Galerie de la Reine. This is a traditional Art Deco restaurant that is popular with the locals, particularly for Sunday lunch. As well as classic Belgian dishes there are several vegetarian options, including a very tasty cheese fondue. .

Brussels Bars & Clubs

La Becasse - Rue du Tabora 11. Belgium is famous for its beers and this bar has an excellent beer menu. It is an ancient bar, with long wooden benches and distinctive moorish archicture.

Le Cygne Cafe - This is a historic bar as it one of its patrons was Karl Marx, in fact it is said that he finished his Communist Manifesto while attending meetings of the German Socialist Party here.

Pitts Bar - Rue de Minimes 53. Popular with the student crowd as the entrance is free, the music ranges from techno and garage to bangra.

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