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Bruges Travel Guide

Bruges Local History

Until the 15th century Bruges was the centre of the cloth trade in Europe, then the river Zwin began to silt up and the access to the North Sea was lost. At the same time the cloth trade went into recession and Bruges went into a decline. Untouched by the two world wars Bruges is now considiered to be the finest example of a medieval town in Europe.

Bruges Attractions

Top Attractions

The Medieval City - The City is small enough to be covered by foot, wander round and take in the lovely canals and beautiful medieval buildings . Heilig Bloed Basiliek is a considered to be one of the finest. Named after a phial of the blood of Christ brough back to Bruges by one the Crusaders it is considered to be one of the holies relics in medieval Christendum.

Museums - A combined ticket can be bought from the Tourist Office for six of Bruges central museums. One can also be purchased from any of the museums, they are: the Arentshuis, Gruuthuse, Renaissanceaal t brugse Vrije, Groeninge and Stadhuise.

Stadhuis - has a beautiful turreted sandstone fa├žade. Inside the Gothic Hall is worth a look for its lovely ornate decoration.

The English Theatre of Bruges An English language theatre open every night at 8pm (except Mondays) all year round in the heart of Bruges. High quality entertainment and very cheap tickets (10 euros each).
submitted by Clare Allen, 25/03/07

Waterzooi Waterzooi is not or soup or meal, it's BOTH. Excellent dish to try in Bruges or in Brussels. It comes with chicken or fish. It contains vegetables & potatoes. Yummy!
submitted by Pierre, 02/02/05

Bruges Shopping

Belgium is famous for its chocolate and there are numerous shops selling the local specialities in Bruges.

Bruges Restaurants and Bars

Belgium famous for is mussels and chips, beer and chocolate and Bruges offers the opportunity to try them all.

Bruges Restaurants

Passage Youth Hostel - Dweersstraay 26. Popular with young people because the food here is good and inexpensive.

Het Dagelijks Brood - Phiipstockstreet. This is an excellent bread shop that doubles as a wholefood cafe.

De Vlaansche Pot - Helmstraat 3-5. This is a cosy, friendly and relaxed restaurant that serves traditional Flemish dishes. The food is well prepared and very good value.

Lokkedize - Korte Vuldersstraat 33. An attractive bar/cafe that serves good Meditteranean food accompanied by jazz music in relaxed atmosphere.

Bruges Bars & Clubs

tZand 9 - A club known for its pulsating music and style conscious patrons. Entrance is free and so is the people watching.

Cohiba - Zilverstraat 38. A fashionable bar with the sophisticated 30-something locals.

t'Brugs Beertje - Kemelstraat. Sample some of the 300 varieties of beer sold in this small friendly bar. Belgiums are very serious about their beer so come here and see why.

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