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Antwerp Travel Guide

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Antwerp Parks & Gardens

City Park - The park is located in the Jewish neighbourhood, close to Centraal Station. This is the largest park in the city centre and covers 35 acres. It dates back to 1869, when the Spanish fort's triangular domain was converted into a park by the Antwerp architect E. Van Cuyck. The park contains a playground; a large WWI monument; a number of statues; and a WWII bunker.

Plantentuin Leopoldsstraat. The botanical garden is a great place to go and take a break from all the sightseeing around town. Here you can take a stroll along one of the paths and take a look at the wide variety of plants found all over the garden, or have lunch on one of the benches. There is also a restaurant located at the entrance to the garden.

Antwerp Restaurants and Bars

Antwerp Restaurants

De Foyer - Komedieplaats 18. This restaurant is one of the most popular in Antwerp, and is housed in the foyer of the 19th-century Bourla Theater. The interior is decorated with an ornately painted dome; potted palms; red velvet drapes; and marble columns. They serve a wide range of French and Dutch cuisine, and the prices are reasonable.

Pottenbrug - Minderbroedersrui 38. This casual and relaxed restaurant, with timber floorboards and menus chalked on boards, is very popular with locals and tourists alike. They serve a wide range of traditional Flemish dishes, with a hint of Italian flavour. Some of the most popular dishes include, parelhoen met balsamico; zomerse pastasla van de chef; and salmon or lobster accompanied by fresh pasta and cherry butter.

Rooden Hoed - Oude Koornmarkt 25. This old-fashioned restaurant is the oldest found in Antwerp, and has been in business for over 250 years. The restaurant serves a mix of old-style regional dishes and trendy modern adaptations. Some of the house specialities are choucroute d'Alsace;, chicken waterzooi;, and a range of seafood.

Antwerp Bars & Clubs

De Engel - Grote Markt 3. This old-style cafe beside the fountain-sculpture of Silvius Brabo, is one of the most popular places where the locals and tourists hang out and have a few drinks. Here you can sit back , relax and watch people rush by at any time of day.

De Groote Witte Arend - Reyndersstraat 12-18. This is another excellent bar in Antwerp, and is very popular with locals and tourists alike. This is a great place to kick back, have a few drinks while meeting some new people after a long day of sightseeing.

De Blokhut Lange Herentalsestraat. This is one of the best night clubs in Antwerp and is popular with a younger crowd of locals and tourists. This is the place to go if you're looking to dance and party all night long, with Djs playing all the latest dance music all night long.

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