Tirol Travel Guide

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Tirol Travel Guide

Tirol Local History

Tirol is described as 'the jewel in Austria's crown'. This province offers the best skiing opportunities and the most exquisite views of the Alps. Its capital, Innsbruck, hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics. 20% of the province is either designated to national parks, or to protected land to ensure that the province's beauty will not be spoilt by uncontrolled development.

Tirol Attractions

Tirol Parks & Gardens

Alpenpark Karwendel Pertisau. This nature reserve stretches from Tirol all the way into Bavaria. The 730km² incorporates most of the Karwendel Mountain range and is said to be one of the biggest unspoiled natural landscapes in Europe.

Eigersbacher Waterfall St. Johan. The waterfall has a height of 20m, but is unfortunately only accessible from spring to autumn.

Alpine Flowers Garden Albin Schreieck, 3 Oberlüß, Reutte. From mid-June until the end of September you can view over 600 different species of flowers here. There is a guided tour of 90 minutes available, but pre-booking is essential. The 1.5 hectares of vegetation is often compared to Noah's Ark for flowers.

Tirol Restaurants and Bars

Tirol Restaurants

Café Sacher 1 Renn Way, Innsbruck. This is a brilliant stop at a slightly more expensive rate. Café Sacher's specialty is their Sachertorte, an original Viennese chocolate layer cake. If you don't feel like indulging in their sweet stuff, you can choose something with more substance from the menu. Café Sacher is open until midnight.

Central Hotel 5 Gilm Street, Innsbruck. This Viennese style Café is in operation since 1878. Unfortunately much of the olden age style has fallen by the wayside because of renovations, but one can still browse through very old magazines and newspapers. They mainly cater for the coffee lover and sweet-tooth. On Sunday nights there are live piano performances at the café.

Jörgele -13 Herzog-Friedrich Street, Innsbruck. For traditional Tirolean cuisine this is the perfect place to eat. They boast with dishes like game stew with mushrooms, as well as spinach dumplings and liver with bacon and tomatoes on their menu. Their wine selection includes wines from all over the world, including Argentina and California. To make the dining experience even more exquisite the deck is overgrown by flowers!

Tirol Bars & Clubs

Filou 12 Stiftg., Innsbruck. This is a great warm-up to a night on the town. Until 10pm one can sit outdoors having a drink, where after the party moves indoor.

Limerick Bill's Irish Pub - 9 Maria-Theresien Street, Innsbruck. For an authentic Irish night out, including a pint of Guinness, this is the place to be!

Piano Bar - 5 Herzog-Friedrich Street, Innsbruck. Even though this is possibly one of the tiniest bars in Innsbruck, it radiates a classic old-world ambience. Once in a while there is also some live music here.

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