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Salzburg Travel Guide

Salzburg Local History

Salzburg literally means 'fortress of Salt'. The city built its economic strength in mining, both gold and salt. Back in Celtic times salt was more precious than gold. Salzburg developed in the early 8th century, and was originally a Celtic Settlement and later a Roman trading center. In 696 St Rupert established a bishopric here, as was later elevated to an archbishopric with authority over the dioceses of Bavaria. The archbishops became increasingly involved in matters and in the 13th century were granted titles of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire. The most influential archbishop was Wolf Dietrich von Raintenau who instigated the city's baroque reconstruction. The prince-archbishops wielded their power with intolerance and expelled Jews in the late 15th century, and 300,000 Protestants migrated to Prussia after severe persecution in 1731 1732.

France and Bavaria controlled Salzburg during the Napoleonic Wars, and the annexation in 1814 to Austria under the Habsburgs plunged the city into a recession. This was a blessing in disguise as it ensured that the historic buildings in the city center were repaired rather than replaced. In the late 19th century the new town was built on the right bank of the river.

The Republic of Austria was created on 12 November 1918. After World War I there was a rise of fascism, and when German troops marched into Austria on 11 March 1938 they encountered little resistance. Austria was incorporated into the German Reich on 13 March 1938 and Austrians were conscripted into the German army. Austria was declared independent on 27 April 1945, the country declared its permanent neutrality on 15 May 1955 after 10 years of allied occupation. Austria joined the United Nations the same year.

Salzburg Attractions

Salzburg Shopping

Shopping in Salzburg is an exciting adventure. Here when you are searching for something special, something unexpected turns up. You will find the traditional side by side with the modern and the expensive with the simple. Everything has a place.

You stroll along romantic narrow lanes which curve around magnificent buildings and squeeze between ponds while walking past picturesque shops selling traditional Salzburg costumes, and eccentric creations from Europe's top fashion houses.

On Thursdays vendors and farmers from all over the province display their goods, mostly home made, in the bustling farmers market in front of Andra church.

Salzburg Parks & Gardens

Schloss Hellbrunn - This country residence is built at the foot of the well-watered Hellbrunn Mountain. The pleasure palace is a popular attraction, you can tour the interior of the baroque palace, but the biggest draw card is the Wasserspiele section in the grounds. Water is the theme in the palace's design and the Wasserspiele has many trick fountains and water-powered figures hidden in bushes and trees. So prepare to get wet.

Wolfgangsee Lake Wolfgangsee has many water sports to offer visitors, and is the home of the resorts of St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen with a historic path that connects the two via the lake's western shore. Located behind St. Gilgen is the Zwolferhorn mountain which rise to a height of1522 meters. A cable car will take you to the top for some fantastic views and fun walks, or if you want something to get your heart rate up a notch, you can take a go-kart ride on a metal course that comes straight down the mountain, while you are trying to control the speed with a joystick.

Mirabell Gardens These are the finest gardens in Salzburg. There is a public park filled with statues and reflecting pools, marble balustrades and urns. At Zwerglgarten you will find fantastic marble baroque dwarfs and other figures, the Pegasus fountains locate these. The marble statues make the Mirabell gardens an open-air museum. In the summer time brass bands can be seen playing in the summer sun on Sundays.

Salzburg Restaurants and Bars

A specialty in Salzburg is Salzburger Nockerl, which is a mound of sugary egg whites and raspberries, and Mozartkugeln, which is balls of chocolate covered in marzipan. These are piled high in almost every shop window.

Salzburg Restaurants

Bazar - Located at Schwarzstrasse 3. This is a classic daytime coffee house, which serves breakfast pastries, cakes and full meals. The interior of the coffee house looks as if it is right out of the late fifties, and has a nice terrace overlooking the Salzach River.

Resch & Lieblich Located at Toscaninihof 1. The dining room is carved out of the cliffs of the Monchberg. Here you will find a fantastic atmosphere and good Austrian cuisine. This restaurant gets crowded despite plenty of outdoor seating especially during the Festival.

Sternbrau Located at Getreidegasse 34/Griesgasse 23. This restaurant features traditional Austrian cuisine and Italian trattoria. The Sternbrau was built around a courtyard in the heart of the Altstadt, there is lots of outdoor seating and has a beer-garden atmosphere.

Tomasselli Located at Alte Markt 9. This is the city's most renowned daytime cafe's. A serving of different arrays of cakes and pastries can be enjoyed in a relaxing atmosphere, while meeting a variety of different people.

Salzburg Bars & Clubs

O'Malley's Located at Rudolfskai. This Irish pub has cozy low-ceilinged rooms and two bars. Irish and Austrian beer is on tap, with the other international brews in bottles. This pub gets very crowded on weekends, but a good place to come to.

Vis-a-vis Located at Rudolfskai. This bar attracts the slightly older and more civilized clientele. This is a smart place with a long zigzagging bar running its way down the interior of the establishment.

Zwettler's Gastwirtschaft Located at Kaigasse 3. At this bar you can get comfortable surrounded by worn tables and wood paneled walls under low arched ceilings listening to the jazz or blues playing in the background.

Stieglkeller Located at Festungsgasse 10. This is a beer garden located near the fortress; it has a large outdoor terrace, which offers an excellent view of the city. Back in the 19th century, this was a main excursion spot but today it is largely used as a tourist haunt.

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