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Brandenburger Tor (Gate) Berlin. Built in 1791 the Brandenburger Tor is an impressive structure that has been the centre of many political rallies over the centuries, and in 1989 the celebrations of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. After this momentious event which became to symbolize the reunification of Germany, the area was reopened to the public and these days traffic is passing freely through the gate.

Munich - The capital of Bavaria is a cultural and artistic centre with many historical buildings. It is also the gateway to the beautiful Bavarian scenery.

The DOM Cologne. The DOM is Germanys greatest cathedral. It is a stunning structure that is almost overwhelming in scale and complexity .The DOM took over 6 centuries to build and was finally completed in 1880.

Hamburg - This is the largest port in Germany and over the centuries has grown into an industrial centre of nearly 2 million inhabitants that wields considerable political power in modern day Germany. Hamburg has become the centre for contemporary artists; intellectuals and partygoers who enjoy the many attractions on offer in, amongst other places, the city's infamous Reeperbahn.

Moving around

Trains - The rail network is exceptionally good and easy to use.

Roads - German roads are superb. The national motorway network known as the autobahnen is generally wonderful but beware of the speeding locals, they really move.

Walking and Cycling - These are excelleny ways to see the countryside and bike hire is easily available.

Buses - There is a very good bus service in the country.


The German Winter Carnival season has big cities including Cologne, Munich and Mainz exploding into action just prior to Ash Wednesday.

The countrys amazing musical heritage is celebrated in dozens of festivals throughout the year.The Thuringian Bach Festival in March and the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth each July, are just two examples.

Stuttgart has a jazz festival in April and Berlin in November. Both are very well attended.The Munich Beer Festival is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Christmas fairs are held in quite a few cities and towns, in particular Munich, Nuremberg, L├╝beck and Berlin.