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Athens Sprawling metropolis, but with visitor's destinations are fairly concentrated. From the ancient Acropolis perched majestically on a hill overlooking the city to the cosmopolitan nightlife of the Plaka and the vibrant shopping streets around Syntagma Square, the city is alive, live it.

Meteora On the mainland in the north, these extraordinary monasteries built into huge needle like smooth rocks. The monks sought a hiding place from the Byzantine raids. They are reached by steps carved into the rocks

Crete The largest island in Greece and birthplace of the Minoans with a fascinating history, good beaches and picturesque mountain hikes. Many other islands to discover smaller stunning and beautiful. Try as many as you possibly can.

Moving around

Ferry and Hydrofoil The secret to doing what you want and when is all in the planning, and as there are a myriad of islands so there are lots of ferry routes and though they allow you to hop on and off, be careful in the timing. Hydrofoils (flying dolphins) are expensive, but fast and comfortable. Isn't half the fun of going the getting there?

Bus and train Usually well organised and inexpensive are the buses; the trains tend to be a bit slow and also cheap (Euro rail passes are valid here)

Car and Bike hire Moped hire is available in just about every village and is a good option to get to that secluded nude beach or just to discover the countryside. Most fair sized towns will have car hire and the big companies are well represented.

Plane You might find some good deals on the domestic lines if you want to go to one of the outlying islands and not much time.


Greek Independence Day March 25th marks the day that the Greeks finally pulled away from those pesky Ottomans in 1821. Also on the same day conveniently is The Feast of the Annunciation (when the angel Gabriel told Mary that she will bear a child) only they know how they arrived at that date!

Carnival Three weeks of feasting and dancing before lent kicks in from February 25th, with the islands of Petras and Kefalonia holding particularly fun parties.

Easter Sunday About April is the most holy time in the Greek calendar, celebrating the risen Jesus the Greeks enjoy this time with hefty meals, dancing and doing lots of things with eggs, after church of course.