Parque Nacional Tikal Travel Guide

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Parque Nacional Tikal Travel Guide

Parque Nacional Tikal Local History

Tikal is located on a low hill which is surrounded by swamps; this is probably why the Maya chose to settle here in 700BC because it would offer protection from any enemy invasions. Another reason is the amount of flint which can be found nearby.

Flint was used by the Maya to construct spear and arrowheads, clubs, knives and to trade with others for other goods. The Tikal is now a complex of stone buildings and temples which they finished constructing in 200 BC.

Parque Nacional Tikal Attractions

Parque Nacional Tikal Shopping

Don't leave Tikal without picking up some sort of knick-knack to remember your trip to this truly awesome place. The main park building has a large area where native crafts are on display for sale.

There are many woven craft goods such as place mats, table cloths, and clothing which are all produced by the locals, and sold for a good price. You can also find many souvenir type items such as key chains, etc.

Parque Nacional Tikal Activities

Parque Nacional Tikal Restaurants and Bars

Parque Nacional Tikal Restaurants

Tikal Inn - There is a restaurant for guests staying in the hotel and is not open to the day visitors, so it's the prefect place to come grab a meal without the crowds. Reservations are a must for dinner which is between 7pm and 10pm. Dinner is a single serving set menu of tomato-squash soup, stewed chicken, green beans, pickled julienne beets, potatoes, flour tortillas, hot tea, and flan for dessert.

Visitor's Center For those early birds who are in the park from before sunrise head over to the Visitor's Center for some great breakfasts and lunches at cheap prices. Open to the general public.

Comedor Tikal Comedor Tikal is just one of several of these restaurants in the Park grounds. The others are Imperio Maya, La Jungla Tikal, Sagrado de Jesus and Tienda Angelita. All of them serve a meal of the day which is usually fried chicken, French fries, rice and a drink, plus a liter of water for around US$13.

Parque Nacional Tikal Bars & Clubs

Parque Nacional Tikal children's activities

Useful Parque Nacional Tikal Links

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