Chichicastenango Travel Guide

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Chichicastenango Travel Guide

Chichicastenango Local History

The town of Chichicastenango, originally called Chaviar, was an important Cakchiquel trading station long before the Spanish conquest and tourist flood. The Cakchiquel fled the town during a civil war with the K'umarcaaj, because it was not easily defendable.

When the Spanish came the K'umarcaaj moved to Chaviar and renamed it Chuguila (Above the Nettles). In fact many of the local Maya people still call it by this name.

Chichicastenango Attractions

Chichicastenango Shopping

Be careful when shopping in Chichicastenango because there are so many items to choose from at such a low cost that you might not be able to take all your purchases home with you. The items that stand out the most are things like the beautiful textiles with their stunning array of colors and the handmade pan flutes which can be found anywhere.

The best place and time to shop is Sundays at the central market when the Mayans come down from the villages in the hills to sell their produce.

Chichicastenango Activities

Chichicastenango Restaurants and Bars

Chichicastenango Restaurants

La Parrilla If hearty meals of grilled meats are your fancy then you must try the La Parrila. It's a good, economical restaurant which specializes in your choice of meat and the meals come served with rice, salad and soup. (5a Avenida Arco Gucumatz)

La Villa de los Confrades At this quaint little coffee shop you can let the day pass away by playing a game or two of checkers or backgammon while drinking some of the best coffee in town. The breakfasts here are also very good and quite popular. (Centro Comercial)

Tapena Across the street from Hotel Chuguila is this stunning family owned restaurant which has some of the best and friendliest service you'll find. They serve great food in huge portions for cheap prices. (5a Avenida)

Tziguan Tinamit This restaurant, which takes its name from the Quiche Maya name for Chichicastenango, serves tasty pizza, pasta and meat which are popular with locals and tourists alike. It's open daily and is well worth the visit. (6 Calle)

Chichicastenango Bars & Clubs

Chichicastenango children's activities

Featured Hotels in Chichicastenango

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