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Guatemala Information

Population: 12 700 000

Time Zone: GMT -8

Driving side: Right-hand side

Languages: Spanish

Religion: 70% Roman Catholic, 30% Protestant

Emergency #: Police: 110/120
Fire: 122/123

Guatemala Culture

Most of the population is of Ameridian or Mayan descent.

Guatemala Popular Destinations

Guatemala City - Although this city is hardly a traveller's paradise it is a great place to get a fell of Guatemalan city life. There are several volcano sites (both active and dormant) around the city.

Lago de Izabal - This mass of water is surrounded by several riverside towns that are worth a visit. You will see some of the most beautiful gorges in the world in this area.

The Verapaces - Here one can see the traces of the one might Maya tribe. This area is filled with caves, underground tunnels and even labyrinths that were once used in the Maya's worship.

Guatemala Beaches

Punta de Manabique - These clean, white beaches are a beautiful refuge from the mundane. At Bahía de Graciosa you may even be privileged enough to see dolphins.

Moving Around Guatemala

The best way to move around Guatemala is by road. You can either hire a car or a motorcycle or make use of the bus services. This is applicable to getting around both in a city and between different cities or towns.

National festival and holidays

7 December - Quam Del Diablo. - Christmas festivities kick off with this festival of the 'burning of the Devil' on the Plazuela de La Concepción, Antigua.

9-15 August - Fiesta Week in Joyabaj. - View locals in traditional dance at this annual festival.

12 October - Discovery of America.

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