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Chicos Tours Montezuma: Unreliable, Irresponsible, and VERY unsaved.

  • Submitted by: Jeff Gilardi, United States
  • Submission Date: 28th Jul 2007

Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Terrible Day Trip

We just came back from a wonderful 7 days vacation in Montezuma, a total of six nights at the amazing Ylang Ylang Resort.
As per our activities, I’d decide to take my family in a day trip to Tortoga Island. From the different offices selling tours we decide to go with “Chicos Tours” as they were the cheapest in town and promised us to run a excellent operation, what a mistake!!!.
We booked the tour the night before with Adam at the Chicos front desk (the next to Chicos bar). The departure time was scheduled for 9:30am but we leave pass 10am. (This gives us the opportunity to see all the different tour companies leave from the beach in Montezuma as we were the last ones to depart)
At the time of loading the Chicos boat no one was there to give us a hand, the crew members, very young fellows by the way, were trying to hold the boat as the waves were pretty big. Once in the boat, which was completely packed with more than 30 passengers, we took off without safety directions or any welcome message or introduction from the 21 years old captain.

We arrived to Tortoga Island, which very beautiful and enchanted. The snorkeling was excellent, however our crew had to borrow some snorkeling gear from another boat from Montezuma call Zumatours because we did not have enough snorkeling gear for all the Chicos tour clients.
The day passed by with one, two or more inconvenients at the lunch time, but I do not want to get on and on these LITTLE details.

Here come the worse:
Around 2:30 they ask us to go back to the boat, however the programmed departure time back to Montezuma was at 3pm. Some other clients were disputing with the captain, asking him to respect the all ready offered and paid departure time but he was about the leave people begin if some one do not leave at the time he says.

We took off from the island and around 20 minutes later the boat ran out of gas!!! Ohh lord.
Right in the middle of nowhere, between the island and Montezuma. The boat without gas was unable to navigate and it was just there, sitting in the middle of the pacific ocean of Costa Rica getting closer and closer to the rocks near the cost. A couple of waves crash in to the boat and at this moment everybody were very worry and scared. The crew were laughing and joking around as they mentioned that wasn’t the first time the owner of the company (I found out his name is Eduardo) didn’t want to put extra gas on the boat.
30 minutes later a boat from the island travelling towards Montezuma pass a give us gas, this help us make our way back to Montezuma.
Once in Montezuma my party and other clients went to the Chicos Tours office to look for Adam or the owner Eduardo, but none of them were there, just another young fellow that didn’t speak English.
Next time I will make sure to do not make a decision base on the price. The most expensive company in town Montezuma are this people how give as the extra snorkeling gear in Tortoga, and they looks like run a well organized and save operation. Later I’d found out our resort all sells the zumatours trip to tortoga.

Other than that we had a wonderful time in Montezuma.

Jeff Gilardi
Palo Alto, California