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Belize Information

Population: 225300

Time Zone: GMT-6 hours

Driving side: Right Hand Side

Languages: English, Spanish

Religion: Catholic - 62%
Protestant - 30%.

Emergency #: 911 for police, fire and ambulance.

Belize Popular Destinations

Lamanai - This ancient Mayan site should not be missed on a visit to Belize. The name translates to 'submerged crocodile' and dates back to 1500 BC. This was a Mayan city before the Spanish arrived, and there are 60 structures in various states of preservation to view. Located a beautiful hour and a half boat trip from Orange Walk up the New River. This gives the visitor the oppertunity to see lovely bird life and plenty of Crocs.

Community Baboon Sanctuary - This protected environment is 32 sq km of tropical rain forest with the Belize River disecting it. Black Howler Monkeys are housed here as well as a huge variety of bird life. You can either hike through the reserve or take a canoe down the river.

Belze City - This is the capital and home to the majority of the population. The town is a very interesting experience and though some of the buildings have been left to decay, there are plenty of lovely well preserved structures as well as some interesting museums and a fine zoo. The people are a colouful mix of cultures and the market is covered and a great place for local produce and gift buying.

Belize Zoo - If you can not get to the wonderful jungle reserves, then this is a tour through them in miniature. This zoo is well planned and laid out giving the visitor a walk through tour of the country and it's various terrains and animals. There are no cages here and they enjoy advanced learning programmes for schools. The zoo is situated about 45km west of the capital and is a worthwhile trip.

Moving Around Belize

Plane - This is a popular means of transport as there is no rail network. Apart from Belize City there are airports in most of the tourist sites.

Boat - This is an essential method of getting to the remote cayes and canoes are often used to ply the rivers. Motor launches connect Belize City with many cayes.

Car - There are only three major roads in the country and cars can be hired.

Bus - Most locals use the busses as their main transport and there is a good regular service.

National festival and holidays

National Day of Prayer / St. George's Caye - The 10th of September is remembered for the Battle of St. George's Caye when the Spanish were defeated. One of the biggest festivals in the country is joyfully held in every major town.

Independence Day - September is crammed with festivals and locals don't get much work done in this month. Plenty of carnival happenings, parades, beauty pageants, live bands etc. Centring on the capital city. 21st September.

Labour Day - !st May, The day starts conservatively with an address by the labour minister. Then the people take over in a riot of colour, dancing and kite flying. Lots of activities in different parts of the country.

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