Tobago Travel Guide

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Tobago Travel Guide

Tobago Local History

Tobago was discovered by Columbus for Spain but was not colonised. The Dutch, English, Courlanders and English all fought for control during the 17th century. Tobago was declared a neutral territory in 1704 and this meant that pirates used the islands as a base to raid ships. A colonial administration was established by the British in 1763 who also established sugar, indigo and cotton plantations.

Oil was discovered in the 1970's and in 1889 Tobago became a ward of Trinidad and independence was finally declared in 1962.

Tobago Attractions

Tobago Shopping

Tobago sells excellent handicrafts and batik fabrics. Pick up handicrafts at Cotton House outside Scarborough as well as from local vendors who sell an array of souvenirs such as T shirts and sarongs. The Backyard at Crown Point sells wonderful local batiks and other locally produced artefacts. Also buy exotic local tropical fruits such as sapodillas and calabash mangoes from local vendors.

Tobago Beaches

Pigeon Point - the best spot on the island for sun and sea. There is a 1,6km long white sand beach and the calm waters are ideal for swimming. Other facilities include bathrooms, change rooms and a restaurant.

Store Bay - the 200 meter long beach is perfect for swimming and a point of departure for Bussoo Reef. There are lifegaurds on duty, showers, toilets and change rooms as well as vendors selling the local speciality of crab and dumplings.

Mount Irvine - the 800 meter beach is great for swimming and bathing and has lifegaurds, toilets, change rooms and huts. The nearby Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel also has one of the Caribbeans best golf courses.

Tobago Restaurants and Bars

Due to the diversity of cultures on the island, Tobago has a great mix of flavours in its cuisine. To start your day try one of the local breakfast specialities such as tomato choka and black pudding served with hot hops bread or coconut bake. Tropical fruits such as paw paw, tangerines or guavas are also a good breakfast option.

As a main meal fresh seafood is popular as are East Indian favourites such as chicken, duck, shrimp or potato curries served in a roti skin. Also try a spicy creol dish called brown down, which is stewed meat or fish served with assorted vegetable side dishes such as plantain, sweet potatoes or green figs. To round off your meal, eat lovely sweet stewed guavas.

Tobago Restaurants

Best of Thymes - Crown Point Beach Hotel. Specialities include red snapper and they also serve great Indian influenced foods.

Arthurs By the Sea - Crown Point. Nice location and good local and Italian dishes.

Patinos - Shirvan Road. This restaurant comes highly recommended for its delicious west Indian lunch platter. A steel band plays occasionaly in the evenings. Reservations needed.

Indigo - 2 Horse Shoe Ridge, Pleasant Prospect Grafton. Fantastic local and international dishes.

Golden Star - Crown Point. Specialities include grilled King fish in Creole sauce and great lobster thermidor. There is also a bar.

Tobago Bars & Clubs

El Tropical - Scarborough. Popular local club with live shows at 10:30pm on Saturdays.

Michaels Bar - Black Rock. Highly recommended for their wonderful friendly atmosphere.

Beach Bar - Crown Point. A barbecue from 8pm to midnight and music all day on Saturday as well as reasonable drinks.

Sunday School - Buccoo Beach. An unmissable party that starts Sunday evening with live music and a DJ at 11pm.

The Deep - Sandy Village. A good Bar.

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