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Negril Local History

Negril has started its history as a haven for shipping, largely cut off from the rest of the island by bad roads and a large swamp. Development started on a slow pace in the 1950's to 1960's when canals were cut to drain the swamp and built a highway. When in the sixties with the population under a hundred, the American "flower children" discovered Negril. Due to the fact that they were not welcomed in the few establishments on the beach, they rather went to the West End and The Rock where they lodged in the homes of the local people.

The more affluent landowners were worried about Negril becoming a "Hippie Haven", but the simbiosis proved to benefit all parties and a unique character of free-spiritedness was established. Negril is still not the busiest place around, but has taken the lead in environmental issues, such as the establishment of marine parks, and several eco-friendly development projects. Over the years, in little over two decades Negril has changed from deserted fishing beach to full-blown resort town.

Negril Attractions

Top Attractions

With its sunny 7-mile long beach, Negril is Jamaica's most laid-back resort. At the western tip of the island, this resort is famed for its watersports, mind-blowing sunsets, cliff-jumping and true Rastafarian culture. Here are some highlights:

Negril Lighthouse - this 100-year-old landmark provides an unmatched view of the Jamaican coastline. The lighthouse is located on the westernmost point of the island and was built in 1894 and switched to solar energy in 1985.

Royal Palm Reserve - located just outside of town near the town of Sheffield and is the 2nd largest wetland in Jamaica. The reserve was created to protect the endangered Swamp Cabbage Palm (Roystonea princepa) and the trees provide a haven for the Ospreys and Hawks that frequent the morass. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will be surprized at the variety of fauna and flora species found here.

Craft Market - Shop for jewelry, clothing, wood carvings and local crafts in a 2-story open-air market on Lighthouse Road.

Ali's Bar Isn't it the purpose of these sites to inform others? Just because my post isn't positive doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. I don't believe that letting others know about people who lie and steal is considered unladylike. People should be allowed their own opinions, I didn't attack anyone who doesn't agree with me. This wasn't a personal gripe but thought others might benefit from my husband's and mine experiences.
submitted by Ladylion, 23/06/08

Ali's Bar Seems to me that people don't realize things about a place until they live there. Ali's Bar is not a place to visit unless you liked being lied to. It is easy to fool those who come for a week or two. Before you judge me you should consider that I have over ten years of experience at this place so I see what goes on. As for your finace, you aren't the only one! It's a way of life for these people to use the foreign. Their "friends" are those who can send money and bring things. You may be surprised if I posted all the truth. But after dealing with these people, I know you will find out the truth about them eventually. Respect.
submitted by Ladylion, 23/06/08

Ali's Bar Math's never was my strong point but from my calculation Ladylion seems to be out-numbered here by a factor of 2:1. Although I notice her opionion seemed less to do with how nice/friendly the bar was and more to do with some personal gripe! As Joanna says visit for yourself, that's really the only way you can form an opinion. I've visited places all over the world that some people have really slated and hated with a passion but I've had the time of my each to their own. If you're reading this and will be in Negril 14th Dec til 4 Jan, make your self known and I'll buy you a beer..Ali will let you know who I am-even if I am horizontal and catching the sun! Cheers Gez
submitted by Gez, 25/11/07

Alis Beach Bar In agreement with Gez, you couldn find a more hospitable and relaxing atmosphere than Alis bar. Its so layed back and friendly, Ali works hard to maintain this. The sunset is beautiful wherever you watch it in negril, but you would sruggle to find a bar on the beach where you felt more welcome. I suppose these reviews are individual opinion, i suggest ladylion be a bit more ladylike. i hope you take my advice, visit alis beach bar and make your own mind up. Going back myself for two months in jan. Miss my fiance like
submitted by Joanna, 23/11/07

Ali's Bar Still a very friendly and welcoming place to visit (in my opinon...)Been back to Negril since the first posting and going back for Christmas/New year this year. These reviews are only subjective opinions after all which of course makes them biased! Guess you just have to see for yourself. Enjoy.
submitted by Gez, 27/10/07

Ali's Bar Stay away! He is one of the biggest liars on the beach. He can not be trusted.
submitted by Ladylion, 26/05/07

Firefly Beach Bar & Cafe NOTE: I AM THE OWNER - HOPE THIS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY ME. (I'm only mentioning what we're really good at and what may otherwise be missing in the mornings). In the middle of the beach at Firefly, they serve wonderful pancakes and omelettes for breakfast right on the beach. And you won't find colder or cheaper Red Stripe beer anywhere on the beach.
submitted by David Sykes, 08/05/07

Alis Bar Small, friendly beach (part of Coconut International Restaurant). Located right on 7 mile beach, just beyond Bar B Barn bar/nightclub and about 3/4mile from "down town" Negril. Your archetypal Caribbean Paradise bar with grass roof, fairy lights and wonderful friendly atmosphere Recently taken over & managed by a young guy (Called Ali strangely enough!) who has put a lot of work into making it a really great place to hang out. Cold Red Stripe always available, a great selection of Rums, an extensive cocktail list (including his own Ali Special) 2 for the price of 1 deals, Happy Hours, free bar snacks and an eclectic mix of music really makes this a friendly, chilled out place to hang out. From your seat at the bar you've got a ring side seat of the sunset, which can be truly amazing to watch. Definitely a place to visit to make new friends or meet up with old ones.
submitted by Gez, 24/03/07

Just Natural Wonderful food, kind people, beautiful garden setting, and a super vibe. Located on West End Road.
submitted by Rik & Shelia, 18/02/06

Negril Beaches

Negril, famous for 7 miles of white sand beach, is located at the western tip of the island of Jamaica. It is famous for a carefree ambiance and beautiful sunsets. Visitors will enjoy a wide range of water sport activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Some highlights to look out for are:

Seven Mile Beach - Seven Mile Beach, Negril - this Negril beach is known for its laid-back lifestyle and carefree ambience more than any other in Jamaica or even in the Caribbean. Featuring a clean aquamarine setting with waters so warm it feels like a saltwater jacuzzi, coral reefs, and a backdrop of palm trees add to the appeal. All sorts of resorts, clubs, beach bars, and open-air restaurants close by. Vendors hawk everything from Red Stripe beer to ganja.

Long Bay Beach Park - At the far northern end of Negril Beach. Set against a backdrop of picnic tables and changing rooms, and beyond the more crowded beaches of the hotel strip.

Negril Tree House resort beach - Experience the excitement of water sports such as windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, boat rides and the private pools or the Caribbean Sea.

Kool Runnings Water Park - on Norman Manley Boulevard, close to the Poinciana Beach Resort. Great fun for all, and children love it! A bit expensive for families until 4 pm when it goes to half price.

Bloody Bay Beach - lying beyond Long Bay Beach Park, this is a less visited beach, although it is quite an experience to hang out near open-air barbecues in the idyllic setting.

Nude beaches - found everywhere, some completely public, others in the privacy of hotel property.

Negril Restaurants and Bars

Negril Restaurants

Apart from the many fine restaurants in Negril, there are also great eateries at the respective beach resorts on the beautiful white shoreline of Long Bay. The best traditional dishes are constructed from a fusion of different origins creating mixtures of tanginess, hot pepper, rich tasty sauces, the flavorful spice of curries and the cool sweetness of tropical fruits. Don't forget to try out the mysterious island inspired cocktails and Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee. Here's a short list to get you going:

Vernon's Fun Holiday Seafood restaurant - located right on the beach for seafood and Jamaican delicacies. Also a Fun Time Band for live reggae 2 nights a week.

Negril Yoga Centre Vegetarian restaurant - natural breakfast or vegetarian dinner, complete under a palm tree in a tranquil gareden setting.

Negril Tree House resort restaurant - British, West African, Irish and Welsh influences have produced a unique variation of English and spicy, distinctive cuisine. Visitors comment on delicious island specialties, exotic fresh fruits as well as the famous local Red Stripe beer.

The Love Boat Sports Bar and Grill -located on West End Rd, and has a bird's eye view of Negril's prestine 7 mile Beach while nestled on the cliffs of the West End.

Selina's Coffee Bar and Eatery - on Beach Road, one mile from downtown Negril, opposite Merrils III & Yellowbird Resorts. This is the home of Bigroys Famous Banana Pancakes and Hand Roasted Blue Mountain Coffee. Also serving breakfast, pasta, bagels, sandwiches, chicken and fish dinners.

Negril Bars & Clubs

The Jungle - is often described as "the best night club in the Caribbean". The club makes use of state of the art intelligent lighting, top quality music, and a breathtaking rain forest decor. The Jungle also features the Amazon Gaming Lounge (104 Slot Machines), A Sports Bar, Live shows on Friday nites, A games Arcade and a souvenir Shop.

Vernon's Fun Holiday Seafood restaurant - Live reggae 2 nights a week.

Travellers Beach Resort - for a true rastafarian roots experience, you'll find the best international reggae, Caribbean, jazz, blues, rock and World music.

Mary's Bay Boart Bar and Grill - Located just before Mi Yard Music Bar & the Love Boat about 10 minutes walk from Downtown Negril. Weekly live reggae music currently on Tuesday nights from 9pm.

Rick's Cafe, Negril - another great bar with the ambiance and the fruity drinks to make your Caribbean adventure a never-to forget experience.

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