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Falmouth Travel Guide

Falmouth Local History

Falmouth was founded by the great-grandfather of the famous British Poet, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, Falmouth emerged during the sugar boom of the 18th century and became a living museum of 19th century Georgian architecture, with its old buildings which have been preserved and restored over the years. It is also the ideal place for a walking tour, with its well laid out streets, following a grid.

Falmouth Attractions

Falmouth Beaches

Starfish Trelawny beach - popular resort by the same name located here.

Along the coastal road to Ocho Rios, one will find Silver Sands, Fisherman's Beach, Time N' Place, and Trelawny Beach. Each beach has a unique character and atmosphere.

Falmouth Restaurants and Bars

Falmouth Restaurants

Glistening Waters Restaurant - located at Rock, at the famous lagoon - with bar and sports bar with a different band each night.

Starfish Trelawny Beach resort - a choice of 4 al a carte restaurants

Victoria Market - on site at the Grand Lido Braco Hotel - Buffet-style, breakfast and lunch served al fresco

Falmouth Bars & Clubs

Time 'n' Place - funky beach bar built of driftwood located just east of Falmouth. Available here are reggae music from the local stations, the island's best daiquiris, made from fresh local fruit or peppery jerk chicken or lobster.

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