Grenada Travel Guide

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Grenada Travel Guide

Grenada Local History

Grenada was discovered in 1498 by Columbus. The native inhabitants, Caribs, resisted European settlement until the 17th century when it was inhabited by mainly the French. During the Seven Years war in the 18th century Grenada fell to the British and they introduced nutmeg to th eisland in the 1780's and today nutmeg and cocoa are the major crops of Grenada.
Independence was finally granted to Grenada in 1974.

Grenada Attractions

Top Attractions

The Carenage - the busiest street and centre of activity in St Georges. The Carenage runs the length of the harbour and you can view a monument to Christi Degli Abbissi here.

Fort George - the Fort was built in 1705 and is now the police headquarters but there are still some old cannons and area's where the public can go to get good views of the harbour and the coast.

River Antoine Rum Distllery - see the oldest distillery in the Caribbean that has no modern equipment and is driven by a watermill.

Mount St Catherine - if you want to get some fresh air and flex your muscles, this climb is not too strenous and can be done without a guide. Remeber not to attempt to climb after dark.

Dive sites - there are various sites around the island. Just off Quarantine Point are 3 wrecks of cargo ships. The wreck of the Bianca C, and Italian cruise liner is another popular site as are happy Valley and Dragon Bay for natural wall dives.

Levera Beach Located on very north tip of Grenada is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Island. The loveliest, undiscovered and uncrowded treasure of Grenada. Long stretch of white sand bordered by all the colours of blue...only a few footprints on sand...only a few colourful local fishing boats...Mesmerizing view of small Islands scattered in distance. Perfect for swimming, sun bath and stroll.
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Almost Paradise Restaurant When you decide to tour around the island, make sure to stop for lunch at Almost Paradise, where a casual atmosphere combines with a spectacular view and great food to make you feel like staying longer!
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Grenada Shopping

The best souvenirs to bring back from Grenada are some of their wonderful fragrant spices as well as straw and palm wares. Visit Arawak Islands LTD where you can purchase a wide range of spices, sauces, herbal teas as well as bath products and scented candles. Also try White Cane Industries for arts and crafts made by blind Grenadians.

Grenada Activities

Queens Park - surrounded by turquoise palisade fencing, the park is a great place for sporting activities, picnics and hosts carnival shows.

Whale watching - Humpback wales can be seen off the coast of Grenada from December throuhg to April.

Grenada Beaches

Grand Anse - the best of the beaches on Grenada. It is a wonderful long strech of white beach with a beach market, washroom facilities and a tourist desk. The only drawback is that due to its popularity it can get a bit crowded.

Poritici beach - good for swimming and ideal for snorkelling this beach is almost deserted so it is good for those that like privacy.

Morne Rouge beach - a nice sandy white beach that is not as developed as Grand Anse.

Grenada Restaurants and Bars

The island takes the main influences for its cuisine from West Indian and Creole flavours and combines them to create uniquely Grenadian cuisine. The island has wonderful fresh seafood and some popular specialities are Grenadian caviar which is the roe of the white Sea Urchin, as well as Conch and a fish dish called Stuffed Jacks.

Another popular dish is Grenada's national dish, Oildown, which consists of salted meat, onion, carrot, celery, breadfruit and dasheen stew with dumplings cooked in coconut milk.

Grenada Restaurants

Aquarian Beach Club and Restaurant - Point Salines, St George's. Set in green gardens on the beachfront the restaurant serves International and local dishes such as coconut-cilantro Thai chicken soup and grilled lobster. Open daily 10am-11pm.

Coconut Beach Restaurant - Grand Anse, St George's. Located right on the beach, this restaurant serves fine French specialities as well as mouth watering seafood. Open 12:30pm-10:00pm. Closed Tuesday.

Castaways Restaurant and Bar - L'anse Aux Epines, St George's. The menu mainly consists of International and West Indian dishes but traditional English specials are served on Wednesday and Saturday.

Bamboo Village Restaurant - Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse, St George's. The menu offers an extensive selection of authentic Chinese cuisine in a refined yet comfortable setting. Try the Dim Sum, Honey Roasted Chicken and Deep Fried Wonton. Open Monday to Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday 4:30pm-11pm.

Pirates Cove Restaurant and Bar - Grand View Inn, St George's. Enjoy a mix of delicious international and Caribbean dishes with a spicy Grenadian flavour. Diches to try include, Plantain Fritters, Flambeed whole shrimps in Rum and Banana's Creole. Happy hour is from 5pm-7pm, open daily 6pm-11pm.

Grenada Bars & Clubs

Castaways Restaurant and Disco - L'Anse Aux, St Georges. The restaurant is open from 5pm-10pm and then the disco opens. There is also Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Music Room - Maurice Bishop Highway, St George's. Stylish and sophisticated, this is Grenada's newest nightclub that plays live music by Quiet Fire. Open Saturday 8pm-1am.

Dynamite Disco - Grand Anse, St George's. Hosting fantstic weekend beach parties.

Boatyard Bar - Prickly Bay Marina. Nice bar with happy hour from 5:30pm-6:30pm, a TV and live music on select nights.

Casablanca Sportsbar - Grand Anse, St George's. The bar has games, a big screen TV, pool tables and snooker tables.

Grenada children's activities

Queens Park - surrounded by turquoise palisade fencing, the park is a great place for sporting activities, picnics and hosts carnival shows.

Whale watching - Humpback wales can be seen off the coast of Grenada from December throuhg to April.

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