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I Kept Asking

I was a little apprehensive because of stories I had read about the damage hurricane Ivan had caused. I decided, after a telephone call with the resort’s owner, to go there anyhow. That is a decision I will never regret.

What hurricane? It was difficult to find any evidence of it here at Bel Air. The conclave of colourful buildings sits on a pretty hillside overlooking St. David's Harbour. Cottages and villas are nestled amongst flowers and greenery that is maintained and nurtured by a terrific landscape architect, Yves. He is the man responsible for the resort’s well-kept and beautiful appearance. I returned from Bel Air after a total of twenty six days of luxury about which I cannot stop raving, but if you're willing…

I can't stress enough how fantastic the management and staff are at Bel Air. I arrived and was immediately welcomed into the office by Rhona, who handed me a cell phone to use, and graciously showed me my villa. From the moment I stepped out of the car to the moment I left for home, it was the most comfortable and pleasant vacation I have ever had in many years.

The housekeeping staff is gently overseen by a non-stop wonder woman named Cathy. They are outstanding in every possible way. This resort is clean, no it is super clean everywhere. There is absolutely nothing you can't ask of the staff, and when you do, it magically appears that day with a big smile. The office staff will gladly arrange any activities you wish. The occasional use of a computer was much appreciated, and there was never a charge for this service.

I loved the luxuriously appointed villa so much, that many times I just wanted to relax on the full length verandah while listening to soft music playing and overlooking the partially hidden villas and cottages in the trees. While watching beautiful sailing yachts slightly rocking at anchor in the harbour with a fresh cup of steaming coffee, I was treated to the harbour sunlit by a fantastic sunrise rising over the hill. It was a nice way to start the day. What more could you ask for? The feeling of being pampered was very real. The thick plump towels; even the soap was the best quality. Cushions were placed all around the villa; the fridge had been stocked with fresh baked bread and all kinds of goodies. The coffee maker, toaster, dishes, cutlery, everything was top quality including the most comfortable bed I can remember.

I ate many meals in the Waters Edge Restaurant & Bar, which is of course, located at the water's edge. It had all the ambience I would expect to find in a top five star hotel. That was great in itself, but then I ordered my first meal. It was served very professionally; it looked great, and tasted even better. The sunsets were magnificent from my table. Now I knew that my wishes for a great holiday were well on the way to being granted.

The owner, Susan Fisher came over and kindly asked me to join her and some friends for a drink after dinner. I enjoyed the positive, friendly personality that was immediately obvious in this lady, while we conversed about Grenada. Susan couldn't have been more gracious and it came so naturally. I was introduced to guests, and also to the staff. The guests and staff turned out to be a really nice group of people who have since become friends. That is really fantastic; a five star resort with people who are totally laid back and truly care about you. The head barman, David and all the friendly waitresses were eager to please without being intrusive. I had many more meals at Waters Edge, and at times, even a few drinks passed my lips. Everything here aimed for complete relaxation and good service. It was a very good place to be.

There’s a lounge over the restaurant with a great view where you could read or play a board game. The resort sports a store where you might buy snacks, groceries or gifts at the same prices as you would be charged in town. If the store in Bel Air didn't have what you wanted, they would get it for you on the next trip to the market. Now that's special service.

I saved the best for last. On more than a few evenings I would step into the large jacuzzi and soak in relaxing comfort for about an hour. A cool drink and the soothing hot bath capped off the day perfectly, and made for a restful sleep afterward.

I highly recommend this beautiful resort and hope to return to Bel Air many more times.