Santiago de Cuba Travel Guide

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Santiago de Cuba Travel Guide

Santiago de Cuba Local History

The Spaniards founded this, Cuba's second city in 1514 and the capital from 1524 to 1549. For 2 hundred years from 1700 it was the slave trade capital, because of it's deep harbour.
Nowadays the ethnically diverse population lives in an exotic town that has changed little in 100 years.

Santiago de Cuba Attractions

Santiago de Cuba Restaurants and Bars

Santiago de Cuba Restaurants

Santiago 1900 This downtown mansion was the home of the Bacardi family and now a beautiful restaurant in a stylish setting with live background music.

Don Antonio In the Plaza Dolores is this fabulous blue and stone building. The restaurant serves tasty Creole food at a reasonable price.

Casa Granda In the hotel bearing the same name, this classy dining experience will leave you satisfied with the ample portions of good local and international delicacies and won't break the bank either.

El Morro The restaurant located near to the entrance to the Morro Castle is popular for their Criollo cooking (Pork with a special sauce) if you like your food spicy you'll love this treat. Sea views from the terrace are divine.

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