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Cayman Islands Information

Population: 37000

Time Zone: GMT-5 hours

Driving side: Left Hand Side

Languages: English

Religion: Mainly Christianity

Emergency #: 911 for police, fire and ambulance.

Cayman Islands Popular Destinations

George Town The capital is an easy town to walk around, with its busy harbour spewing out cruise passengers daily. Some interesting old buildings here including a museum turn of the century architecture and a fascinating historic site. Plenty of shopping therapy to be taken.

Pedro Castle Located east of the capital stands this 18th century house rather than castle. The oldest building on the islands has been used for many purposes including a jail, courthouse and even the Parliament. Now it serves as a museum.

Bodden Town Pirates Caves To the east of George Town these small caves are thought to be where pirates hid their bounty. Anyway the tourist authorities have smelt a few doubloons to be made here complete with pirate graves with a view.

Moving Around Cayman Islands

Car Rental As public transport is not very good on the islands a hire car might be a good solution for getting around. The rental agencies will supply the required permit.

Taxi Only available on the big island and can pick you up anywhere.

Ferry They connect the islands and depart on a regular basis.

Moped/Bike hire To be had on all three islands and a good choice as the ground is flat and there are lots of hidden treasures to find.

National festival and holidays

Discovery Day - 17th of May to commemorate the discovery of the islands by Columbus in 1503

Constitution Day July 5th celebrating independence from the United Kingdom

Remembrance Day November 15th to remember the fallen in both World Wars in a ceremony in the capital.

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