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Bahamas Information

Population: 300000

Time Zone: GMT-5 hours

Driving side: Left Hand Side

Languages: English

Religion: Mainly Christianity
Rastafarian followers.

Emergency #: 911 for police, fire and ambulance.

Bahamas Popular Destinations

Nassau Town The capital of the Bahamas retains its Caribbean feel, despite the many Americanisms evident. Nassau has a long and chequered history and was a long time haunt of the pirates of the area. Today the tourists head for the waterfront area where the cruise ships dock. Downtown houses some interesting well preserved buildings including the parliament.

Biminis this flat group of islands are on the Gulf Stream and were immortalised in Hemingway's book 'Islands in the Stream'. The main town is the lazy and laid back Alice Town on the main island. Great to sail these islands and even better if you are a fisherman as all the big ones live here including Barracuda, Marlin and Tuna.

Grand Bahama Very popular with the American holidaymakers who are well catered for with the big resort hotels, shops of Freeport and the gambling. Despite all this Grand Bahama has many splendours on offer including fabulous beaches, natural and wildlife centres and the worlds largest underwater cave system.

Moving Around Bahamas

Rented Cars In the cities are available and is an ideal way to explore the islands via ferry.

Ferry There 2 types of ferry, which are the fast ferries and the local ones. Fast is on an air-conditioned 115ft fast catamaran. Local is slower and offers a variety of vessels and the chance to meet the locals. Mail boats are another slower alternative.

Air A good choice of charters available for island hopping and even helicopter trips.

Bus Called Jitney and run on all the big islands, try to have the exact change.

Rented scooter or bike Perfect to get to those off the beaten track places and are available at all fairly decent sized towns.

Taxi Look for the Bahamahost sticker on the window as these taxis are trained to a high standard.

Guided Tours Are readily available from the hotels and the big centres.

National festival and holidays

Junkanoo Held annually from December 26th till new years day, this colourful, lively parade starts at 2am and goes through till dawn (sleep on the beach the next day). Costumes are incredible and are judged at the end.

Fox Hill Day Occurs on October 12th on Fox hill about 8km from New Providence to celebrate the abolition of slavery.

National Day Celebrated every year on July 10th to commemorate Bahamas being granted independence from Britain in 1973.

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