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Aruba Information

Population: 71 218

Time Zone: GMT 4

Driving side: Drive on the right hand side of the road.

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamento (which is the str

Religion: Roman Catholic 82%
Protestant 8%

Emergency #: Police Emergency 911
Fire Emergency 911
Medical Emergency 587 4300
Involved in an

Aruba Culture

Historical Museum Located at Fort Zoutman/Willem III Tower, Oranjestad. This museum depicts a fascinating collection of artifact from the earliest settlers through the Spanish and Dutch periods to present times.

Numismatic Museum Located at the central bus station in Oranjestad. This museum has over 30 000 historic coins from Aruba as well as from around the world.

Archaeological Museum J. E. Irausquinplein 2A, Oranjestad. There are five rooms, which exhibit giant earthen jars that contain the remains of Aruba's original inhabitants. There are also ancient artifacts, pottery tools and art on display in glass boxes.

'Rococo Plaza' Museum of Antiquities Located at Tanki Leendert 158 G. This museum is found in a 17th century building. Louis XV Antiques and Curiosities can be found in this museum. There are 23 showrooms of unusual items on show from Aruba and South America.

Aruba Popular Destinations

Renaissance Island This is a private island purchased by the Renaissance Hotels. Scheduled ferries take their guests from the hotels to the small-secluded island. There is a restaurant; volleyball, hammocks and every other amenity a sun worshipper could need to spend a day in paradise.

De Palm Island De Palm Island is located 5 minutes from the mainland by ferry. This is a great place for snorkelling and scuba diving. There is a spectacular formation of coral and colourful Parrot Fish. There are hammocks, restaurants, fun games and a playground for the little ones.

The Fontein Cave This is the most popular cave on the island, which houses drawings of the Arawak Indians on the ceilings. This cave provides a real sense of the islands history.

The Natural Bridge This is the island's most photographed attraction. The Natural Bridge rises 7.5 meters above the sea and is about 30 meters long. The arch is carved out of the limestone coast because of the relentless pounding by the sea for centuries. The bridge acts as a buffer between the beach and the ocean so many people swim and picnic here.

Hooiberg This may not be Aruba's highest hill, but it is the islands favourite landmark. Hooiberg stand 162 meters above sea level and if you clime the hundreds so steps, which should take between 15 and 20minutes, you can see Venezuela on a clear day.

Aruba Beaches

Arashi Beach This beach is located on the island's northwestern tip, and is one of Aruba's best swimming beaches. The elkhorn coral just off the coast is a great place for snorkellers, while sunbathers spend a relaxing day on the beach in the tropical sun. The sand is soft, but you need to look out for pebbles and stones. There are no facilities in the area, but beach huts provide shade from the tropical sun.

Boca Catalina This beach has shallow water and plenty of fish and is a great place for snorkeling. The beach is used for horseback riding tours, so watch out for the horse manure left behind. There are no facilities on the beach, but is a great place for seclusion and tranquility.

Boca Grandi This is a virtually deserted stretch of beach with dramatic sand dunes and sea grasses. There are low lying sea grapes, which provide protection from the sun, and pockets of trash and jetsam mar some of the intimate coves. The beach is an excellent spot for advanced windsurfing and appropriate for strong swimmers only.

Boco Prins This beach is located in Arikok National Park and boasts dunes and hardy seaside vegetation. The rough and tumble waters makes swimming impossible. Plan a picnic lunch and enjoy a walk along the limestone cliffs.

Moving Around Aruba

Getting around by rental car is easy with the decent roads that connect all the major tourist attractions. Traffic signs leave much to be desired. You need to keep you eyes on the road because iguanas and goats can cause unusual traffic hazards. It is cheaper to take a cab or use the buses though.

There is an excellent public bus system with regular and reliable service. There is usually a bus every half hour between 6am and 6pm and thereafter every hour.

The rates for taxis are fixed and every cab has a copy of the official rate schedule. Hailing a cab on the street is difficult, but there are plenty around the hotels. Most drivers speak good English.

National festival and holidays

25 January This is the birthday of Betico Croes, the father of Aruba's semi independence.
18 March National Anthem and Flag Day
30 April The Queen's Birthday

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