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Waikkal Travel Guide

Waikkal Attractions

Top Attractions

Canals - hire a bike at nearby Negombo and ride along the banks of these Dutch built canals that cover a distance of about 130km.

Fish auction - get up at the crack of dawn to witness the nbelievable spectacle of the noisy outdoor fish market held under a shady banyan tree.

Coconut Reasearch Institute - sitauted 20km away in Madampe, this makes an interesting and educational excursion.

Mahawewa - the little town is has fantastic batik factories where you can buy reasonably priced fabric,

Amerhula Great food, great atmosphere, great value. The owner is funny and charming and he works hard to keep everyone happy. On our last trip we planed to try many restaurants but ended up eating all but one night there. Give it a try it's just opposite the Camalot hotel and close to Browns beach and Goldi sands.
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Waikkal Beaches

Waikkal beach - a quiet, remote beach not overun with tourists, which is good for suntanning andd relaxing.

Negombo beach - a nice sandy strech of beach that is surrounded by quaint fishing villages.

Waikkal Restaurants and Bars

For those longing for a taste of home, western food is common in Sri lanka. If you are looking for something more authentic try a typical Sri Lankan curry and rice meal. The curry comes in mild, medium and hot and includes a few different varieties of sambals as well as chutney and pickles. It is traditionaly eaten with the fingers of the right hand but it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a spoon or fork.

Waikkal Restaurants

Dolphin - Serendib. Lovely seafood restaurant with traditional decor and surrounded by palm trees and gardens.

Ranweli Holiday Village - Waikkal beachfront. A good hotel restaurant with western and Sri Lankan cuisine.

Spice - Poru Tota Road, Negombo Beach. Cheap but good curries and snacks.

Waikkal Bars & Clubs

Ranaweli Holiday Village - Waikkal beachfront. One of the few nightclubs in the area, popular with tourists.

Sherryland - northern Poru Tota Road, Negombo beach. Lively bar with great service and good value for money food.

Seawrit - northern Poru Tota Road, Negombo beach opposite Blue Oceanic Hotel. For the cheapest beer in the area and tasty chicken head to Seawrit.

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