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Beruwala Travel Guide

Beruwala Attractions

Top Attractions

Kachimalani Mosque - this is said to be the oldest mosque in the area and attracts many pilgrms at Ramadan.

Lighthouse - take a boat trip to a small island just off-shore and enjoy the panoramic views from the top of of the lighthouse.

Coral Gardens - just off the coast, this is the perfect spot for divers and snorkellers to view spectacular coral and sea life.

Brief - 16km inland you will discover a paradise garden designed by Bevis Bawa with romantic alcoves and nooks, garden sculprtures, a Japanese garden, hilltop loockout, pond and sweeping awns. Also visit the living art gallery house.

Kandoori Restaurants Delicious Indian and western foods
submitted by Shahan, 25/08/07

Ayesha Restaurant & Pub The best food I've ever had in Sri Lanka
submitted by Ann, 29/04/07

Beruwala Beaches

Beruwala beach - a sandy strech of beach popular with tour operators. Here you can take part in various watersports activities, swim in the bay or simply relax in the sun with a good book.

Aluthgama beach - this little town has a frantic fish market and a nice bit of sandy beach where you can relax.

Beruwala Restaurants and Bars

The West Coast is the best area to eat lots of lovely, tasty seafood such as prawns, oysters and lobster. Tropical fruit is also delicious, try the pineapple, passion fruits, banana and custard apples. Try some Sri Lankan sweet dishes with rice as its base and palm treacle drizzled over the top.
Please do not drink tap water and and do not take ice in drinks.

Beruwala Restaurants

Ypsylon - Beruwala beachfront. Accommodation with a great restaurant and lovely garden.

Terrena Lodge - Manju Sri Maw, Aluthgama. Austrian run with a riverside garden that has good food and efficient service.

St Ann Queen Restaurant - 14, Galle Road, Beruwala. A lovely refined atmosphere and delicious dishes.

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